Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wonk Weekend

This weekend has been wonk all around. We tried to drive to the cape to watch the rocket launch and failed to get there and al the last minute the launch got scrubbed. Sadie randomly threw up last night on the couch and that mean scrubbing the couch and Washington the cushion covers. The rocket went up today, but Drew had no interest in going. I woke him up thinking he wanted to go and he didn't and he was grumpy for waking him up. He has been a grump all day. 

We went to IKEA to grab a couple of things. I forgot how busy and overwhelming they are on the weekends. I am glad we only wanted to look at two things and then grab the four things we needed. Sadly, one of the things we bought didn't work for what I wanted it to, so it needs to go back. 

We didn't get as much done on the house as I wanted. Next weekend is a loss, so I wanted to make some progress on the house list. We didn't get much done, but at least what we did was useful. 

We decided the blackout curtains on the closet weren't working out the way I wanted. The curtains plus the blackout curtains couldn't slide smoothly on the track. Taking off the blackout ones helped a bit. 

We moved out the old nightstands because we don't need them with the new headboard. Hopefully, they sell quick  and we can put the money into other stuff. Without the nightstands we could move Sadie's dresser out of the walkway into our bathroom. It is nice not having to weave around furniture to go to the bathroom. The negative to moving is that now one wall in the room is heavy visually. All the furniture is on one wall and it looks overbearing to me. 

We can't move our bed anytime soon because of Sadie's crib. AJ readjusted rge crib so it matches the new bed height. I am goin to try to get her to sleep on it more than she has in a while. She likes sleeping next to daddy in the middle of the bed. 

I got the frame on my new bird picture painted. I think it helps the picture a bunch  it had a black frame before and it just looked dark. I painted it the same bright turquoise that is on the bird and it helped it. I need to get it hung, but with the furniture not where I want it more long term I don't want to hang why picture just yet. 

We had a guy come out and give us a quote for replacing the sliding doors. He only wanted to quote us new slider doors. That isn't what we want. We want a wall of windows and a door. He made it seem like that was a bad idea and refused to come off of the slider option. He quoted us just over $8,000. We were not expecting that. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and priced out what we wanted to do. It came in under $1,000. Which is what we were expecting.

We like the light that the sliders give us, but they are big and heavy and the kids can barely open them, well, I can barely open them either. We also can't get screens to fit them. If we could get screens all it would take is someone forgetting they are there and walking right through them. So, since we don't want to lose the light that comes in and want screens, we want to put in windows and a simple normal door. I would love to get it all done before summer so that working with it wont be too hot.  We'll have to see how time works on that though. 

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