Thursday, February 9, 2017

Swing Swing Swing on a February Day

1. The weather has been great. This translates to the kids playing outside, a lot. 

2. The kids have done really well together for the most part. They pulled down Drew's LEGO Bible stories books and wanted me to read them. I am thankful I can read upside down, it isn't a skill I use often, but handy when little people all want to see the pictures. 

3. I am working on trying to find ways to keep Sadie occupied during school. This is going to be a continuously evolving thing. 

Her fine motor skills shocked me this morning. She saw me put one cheerio on the pipe cleaner and then purgers on no problem. She did her first one without me holding it, but she handed it back to me. I am sure this isn't an advanced thing, but it shocked me. 

4. We went to a park today as a change of scenery. Sadie found her super happy place, a swing and her tap shoes. 

5. We also went to the library for a kid's cooking class. Drew made a tortilla pizza. 

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