Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Story Time

1. Today was pretty calm. We did go to story time at one of the local libraries. The theme this week was kites. Drew enjoyed having his cousins there. Sadie enjoyed having a bunch of people around and dancing to the songs. 

2. The summer camp Drew went to last year sent out their camp registration is open email. This caused panic about trying to figure out VBS so that I can plan camp sessions. Apparently, that means The Great Panic Hunt for VBS 2017 has already started. Last year it didn't start until March. Thankfully, two of the three he loves have already announced their dates even though registration won't open for a while. 

I am thankful that I made a spreadsheet to keep track of everything last year, it gives me a good starting point. The ugh part is that so many VBS were on the same week last year that I don't have all the options listed that I had from 2015. Sadly, pregnancy brain didn't realize that keeping track of the VBS was a good idea. I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal to remember. I was wrong. 

The next step after the Panic is to start putting registration open dates on the calendar and then actual VBS dates. All the adding to the calendar makes Courtney nuts. 

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