Friday, February 10, 2017

School days

While the cousins have been here we have been trying to stick to our school schedule. It hasn't been the easiest to stick to it. Normally, we do school when Sadie is down for her nap. This week we have been trying to do D's when Savannah is doing hers. 

I am really proud of what he has been accomplishing this week. I remade a worksheet that has a lot of different practice skills on it. I had found the basis for it and really liked it accept it used all these fonts that were really hard to read. There were several that were cursive or swirly or fanscifal. He had a hard time reading them or more accurately identifying what they were. So, I remade them and it has been easier. He still hates handwriting, but he is a perfectionist and doesn't want to do it at all until he can do it perfectly. I think this is one reason he prefers capital letters for most letters. 

Savannah also joined in on us. She was doing her handwriting while he was working on his Ss. 

Then let Savannah do D's math with him. We are working on money; identifying, sorting, and counting coins. He had to also work on his graphing skills, so I found a perfect sheet that made them graph the coins they pulled out of a jar. 

They also went to a homeschool art class that the art museum offers once a month. I am not sure how much he really gets out of the class, but he seems to enjoy it. This is the third one he has gone to so far.  The made books and used ink to make the covers. He also is using his to make ladders. He decided he could use some of the pages to do his letter blend ladders on. I was proud he made the connection. 

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