Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rough Days

Some days are rough no matter what, whether it is the weather or the phase of the moon, the kids loss it. It turns into the inmates running the asylum. Those days I don't know how teachers in school deal with a bunch of kids like that.

Yesterday turned into an hour long walk around our one block, well a blue car and a bike ride with oranges. There was a lot of looking and talking about trees, and plants, and vines. We talked more about place values using address numbers. Place values might be one of the first concepts he hasn't gotten right away, but we have only done it about three times. We practiced sounding out words on signs we passed. While it definitely didn't look like school and other kids are probably getting the same lessons at home on a normal basis as supplemental to school it is what we had. 

I always feel guilty on those days that he is learning less than kids in school, that they are actually working on things, that they have unit studies and can actually identify the parts of a plant and label them. That they are all reading by this point and that they have math down pat, they can tell time and make change from money and can add double digit numbers. That they can write sentences that they came up with and I am still having to dictate the sentences and he is slow breaking down the letters in the words and then slow writing them. He doesn't like writing. He uses a weird mixture of upper and lower case letters, can't get his letter spacing down, and really is struggling with spacing between words. I feel like kids at this point in their kindergarten year at school can do all of his. 

Instead he and Sadie played in the tub, on the swings, in the water hose, and then the shower before she was ready for a nap and he played Lego Star Wars. 

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