Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Miss Opinionated

1. Sadie is a very opinionated little girl. She has been since she was a few days old. Even at that point I could give her a choice and she would grunt at the one she wanted, if I didn't do her option she would lose it scream. Now, she has hit the vocal choice stage. It is adorable her "mmhmm" and "mmuuum". When you do the wrong choice she will grab hand and lead to her choice. She is also very obstinate. She will keep at it until she gets her way. 

2.  In the hunt for pants for Drew I found coveralls that matched Poppa's. He was very happy about it. He likes the zipper front pocket and really deep back pockets. 

3. In the vein of kid's clothes, I am having to sort through clothes for outgrown stuff. I have to do this on almost all of her loads because while she isn't as tiny as he was she is still small. It doesn't bother me too much to get rid of her stuff, she hasn't worn most of it for that long at this point, but getting rid of his stuff that he passed to her kills me. While this isn't the most "have fond memories of" shirt it is one that I see it and it brings back memories of my little bald Drew. 

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