Friday, February 10, 2017


Sadie had her jumpballs class today. She is currently in Waddlers and she loves it. She is coming along really well on her skills, she isn't as dating as Drew was this age, but she is almost as skilled. When she was on the monkey bars she hotties she was doing better than kids in the next age up.  They also got to play on the zip line this week. 

Sadie mastered climbing the side bolster to the uneven bars. This is a skill a lot of kids haven't learned by the 4 year old class. She saw D do it a few weeks ago and I she wanted to know how to do it. I helped her a few times. Now she wants to do it on the high bars. 

After Sadie's class was free play. Drew, Savannah, and Elizabeth joined us on the floor. Drew had a good time playing with his cousins. He is such a monkey. He is now big enough he can jump up and grab the high bar and hang. 

I got some really good videos, but I don't think I can post them easily. 

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