Friday, February 24, 2017

Hopefully Better

Hopefully, today is better than yesterday. The kids are at least calmer to start with by this point, and I have gotten one load of laundry in the washer and dryer. They are playing with Legos and LeapPads. I didn't want screen time at all today, but I rarely consider LeapPad screen time. 

1. Making the bed with Sadie in it isn't easy. 

2. Listening to Drew try to explain to Sadie how to swing herself is adorable. 

3. If it is wet my kids want to be in it. Today is grey and cold rain, but they were both out in it for a while in the mud.  If there is ever any wonder why my floors are always dirty: 

My tub needs to be shop vacuumed before I can use it. That amount of dirt might clog it. 

4. Sadie is long enough when she lays across me in my chair her head is on one arm rest and her feet are on the other. 

5. I am debating trying to keep track of his school stuff on the homeschool blog. After my frustration the last few days maybe that would help see progress. 

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