Friday, February 17, 2017

Goodbye Tree

A little over a year ago we had our big beautiful tree fall in the yard. It was sad, but more terrifying when it happened. 

It cracked the driveway where it landed. Thankfully, the kids and I were out dealing with some other really stressful stuff and AJ was at work. It didn't even hit the house, but I hate thinking of the damage it could have done to the house, the car, or us. It took friends and us about 4 hours with 6 guys on chainsaws to cut just the limb that fell down up. 

A few weeks later we had a tree company come out and remove the rest of the tree. As they were taking it down I was feeling really guilty that the rest of the tree looked really healthy, then they got the base of the tree. About a third of the base was missing inside the tree. The rest of it was really mushy. I don't thing trees bases are supposed to be missing and mushy. That made me realize that in a decent Florida storm this thing could come over and if the beast of that trunk fell I don't want to know what could have happened. 

Well, it is a little over a year and a quarter later. Last year AJ said I could have it ground out if he didn't get it out by January 1st. He didn't, but he kept talking me into letting him keep playing with it and fire. This past December he said if it wasn't out by January 1st I could take it out. I put it off until we made our project list and it was on there. 

This week I called a company and I thought they were just going to come give me an estimate it. The guy showed up (right on time), and said he could do it right then. I called AJ to check the price. He said go for it. 15 minutes later the tree stump was gone. 

The kids were enthralled watching the guy cut it out. It was a remote controlled grinder and it was just cool. When it actually started grinding it spit up a lot of dust and dirt and Sadie and I went inside to watch without getting stuff in our faces. 

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