Saturday, February 4, 2017


Today was our yearly adventure to Gainesville for the medieval faire. I have been going for almost 16 years. AJ and I have been going together for 10 years and it is fun to now take the kids and see them enjoy it. Our TerraNova crowd was all there. Which always makes things super fun. 

1. There is always a crowd, thankfully, Jenn's mom has gotten us tickets so we didn't have to wait in line to buy them. 

2. It was off and on cold today. We started in sweatshirts and then would take them off and then put them back on. It got really cold when we were leaving. 

3. This is the first year that Drew has taken a real interest in anything. He got to do some leather work in the kid's activity tent. He made a whirly gig. He is now an expert in leather working and is ready to help Poppa. 

4. Sadie couldn't help herself when Luke and Drew were pounding on the leather. She has one of the example pieces and she would touch the punch to the leather, put the punch down, and then hit the leather with the hammer. She quickly realized that wasn't the right thing. So, she laid the punch on its side on the leather and then hit the punch with it. Once she did it in a manner that looked like everyone was doing she claimed down and was done. 

5. Drew has been obsessed with peregrine falcons since he was obsessed with Fireman Sam. They have a birds of prey show. Sadie is fascinated by any critter (real or stuffed), so she and Deew were excited to see the birds. 

6. One of the booths was a giant make your own snow cone, the make your own part was amusing. You had to turn a giant hamster wheel to crush the ice, pull levers to move he cup, drop a hammer to compact the ice into the cup, and then pull another lever to add the syrup. AJ and Chad wanted to do it, but Drew wound up being the hamster. 

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