Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mr. Bubbles

1. Mr. Bubbles should make a cologne. I would buy it for AJ. 
2.  Some meltdowns are going to happen because I forget to feed Drew for longer than 4 hours. He is the reverse of the cute cuddly in Gremlins. Gremlin while hungry and cute cuddly when fed. Well, cuddly is a stretch, but still. 
3. Sometimes I still have computer problems that make AJ have to stop and think. 
4. I need to accept I shouldn't look for glasses that aren't bug glasses. Cute ones while cute allow too much glare from lenses (even with anti glare film) and frames too much glare. 

Cute but glare-y:

Bug glasses: 

Mildly cute, but more bug like:

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