Sunday, January 29, 2017


We have been working on purging our house of all the excess clutter and stuff.  We have technically been working on this for the last year, but it seems to keep going and going.  I am starting to think we could have itemized our taxes and hit a higher deduction with all the stuff we have take to goodwill. 

So far, we have done Drew's room, the dining room, and the guest bathroom. 

Drew's room is partially what inspired the hardcore purge. His behavior got so bad one day and his room had been a disaster for a long time. AJ took Drew and Sadie to a park. I took a bunch of black garbage bags to his room. Everything that wasn't nailed down was taken out, pictures and extra blankets and pillows included. I didn't throw anything away that wasn't trash, but everything was gone. When he got home I was prepared for a massive melt down, especially when he discovered his Reacue Bots were "on vacation".

His reaction was a totally different one than I bought it would be. He ran to me and kept saying "thank you, momma" and "this is the best". He was so excited "Sadie can come play in my room" and "my cousins can come back and play in my room now." His cousins had been down for Christmas and they hadn't even been allowed into his room. 

The other surprising side effect has been that his behavior has been great. He hasn't had as many meltdowns and in three weeks he hasn't had a time out   He has also been able to focus more on almost everything. School has even been going better. I would have never been able to guess what just purging his room would have done for him. 

About a week later we gave him back his Reacue Bots and then a few days later we put all of his and Sadie's toys back into their toy box. The only toys that stayed out fit in that box, except Duplos and Legos. I have been amazed at how much both the kids play in there. 

This big of change made us wonder if having that little clutter around him made his brain more at ease. So, we decided that maybe this theory would help us as a family, too. I wish I could say we have made a huge amount of progress, but along with the decluttering we are also working on a major house project list of fixing and updating items. 

Drew's room before return of toys:

The linen closet:

Kid's and AJ's towels in guest bathroom:

In the dining room I got the china cabinet and buffet cleaned out of the stuff that we don't want or need. There wasn't as much that came out of them, but what little was taken out freed up a lot of room. I am super happy that all of my vintage table cloths now fit into the buffet so that they are useable and not tucked away in a pile of stuff in the linen closet. 

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