Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blonde or not blonde?

1.  AJ thinks Sadie isn't going to be a blonde. I think he is crazy. He keeps saying the back of her head has darker hair. I keep arguing that it is shadows. Drew had such a round head all around that there weren't many shadows. She has a round head, but not that round. Also, he was super tan and white hair showed up even more. It is hard getting a picture of the back of a wiggle butt's head. 

2. We own no winter clothes. We probably will need some at some point soon, but I am at a loss. 

3. We had to make an emergency "Drew has no long pants that fit" run to the store. His 4ts are 0.5" too short. His 5ts are 2" too long. I thought I could pick up 6s and he could grow into them, but they are 3" longer than 5ts. There is only so much cuff rolling I can do. 

4. Sadie almost got pink cowboy boots, but wound up with rain boots instead. 

5. We have hit toddler pucks out clothes stage. Today was turquoise Alice in Wonderland shirt, Gator windbreaker, grey cord pants, and grey/ black striped long shorts. She tried to wear her tap shoes but at the last minute decided she like her dark blue tennis shoes better. This stage makes me cringe in public, but it is cute and that is what should matter. 

6. Sometimes Drew thinks we need selfies before we get out of bed. Also, I can only guess what is smeared on my case to make the camera that hazy. 

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Nana said...

I love Sadie's pants below her waist! She just might grow up to be a fashion diva.