Friday, February 24, 2017

Hopefully Better

Hopefully, today is better than yesterday. The kids are at least calmer to start with by this point, and I have gotten one load of laundry in the washer and dryer. They are playing with Legos and LeapPads. I didn't want screen time at all today, but I rarely consider LeapPad screen time. 

1. Making the bed with Sadie in it isn't easy. 

2. Listening to Drew try to explain to Sadie how to swing herself is adorable. 

3. If it is wet my kids want to be in it. Today is grey and cold rain, but they were both out in it for a while in the mud.  If there is ever any wonder why my floors are always dirty: 

My tub needs to be shop vacuumed before I can use it. That amount of dirt might clog it. 

4. Sadie is long enough when she lays across me in my chair her head is on one arm rest and her feet are on the other. 

5. I am debating trying to keep track of his school stuff on the homeschool blog. After my frustration the last few days maybe that would help see progress. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rough Days

Some days are rough no matter what, whether it is the weather or the phase of the moon, the kids loss it. It turns into the inmates running the asylum. Those days I don't know how teachers in school deal with a bunch of kids like that.

Yesterday turned into an hour long walk around our one block, well a blue car and a bike ride with oranges. There was a lot of looking and talking about trees, and plants, and vines. We talked more about place values using address numbers. Place values might be one of the first concepts he hasn't gotten right away, but we have only done it about three times. We practiced sounding out words on signs we passed. While it definitely didn't look like school and other kids are probably getting the same lessons at home on a normal basis as supplemental to school it is what we had. 

I always feel guilty on those days that he is learning less than kids in school, that they are actually working on things, that they have unit studies and can actually identify the parts of a plant and label them. That they are all reading by this point and that they have math down pat, they can tell time and make change from money and can add double digit numbers. That they can write sentences that they came up with and I am still having to dictate the sentences and he is slow breaking down the letters in the words and then slow writing them. He doesn't like writing. He uses a weird mixture of upper and lower case letters, can't get his letter spacing down, and really is struggling with spacing between words. I feel like kids at this point in their kindergarten year at school can do all of his. 

Instead he and Sadie played in the tub, on the swings, in the water hose, and then the shower before she was ready for a nap and he played Lego Star Wars. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wonk Weekend

This weekend has been wonk all around. We tried to drive to the cape to watch the rocket launch and failed to get there and al the last minute the launch got scrubbed. Sadie randomly threw up last night on the couch and that mean scrubbing the couch and Washington the cushion covers. The rocket went up today, but Drew had no interest in going. I woke him up thinking he wanted to go and he didn't and he was grumpy for waking him up. He has been a grump all day. 

We went to IKEA to grab a couple of things. I forgot how busy and overwhelming they are on the weekends. I am glad we only wanted to look at two things and then grab the four things we needed. Sadly, one of the things we bought didn't work for what I wanted it to, so it needs to go back. 

We didn't get as much done on the house as I wanted. Next weekend is a loss, so I wanted to make some progress on the house list. We didn't get much done, but at least what we did was useful. 

We decided the blackout curtains on the closet weren't working out the way I wanted. The curtains plus the blackout curtains couldn't slide smoothly on the track. Taking off the blackout ones helped a bit. 

We moved out the old nightstands because we don't need them with the new headboard. Hopefully, they sell quick  and we can put the money into other stuff. Without the nightstands we could move Sadie's dresser out of the walkway into our bathroom. It is nice not having to weave around furniture to go to the bathroom. The negative to moving is that now one wall in the room is heavy visually. All the furniture is on one wall and it looks overbearing to me. 

We can't move our bed anytime soon because of Sadie's crib. AJ readjusted rge crib so it matches the new bed height. I am goin to try to get her to sleep on it more than she has in a while. She likes sleeping next to daddy in the middle of the bed. 

I got the frame on my new bird picture painted. I think it helps the picture a bunch  it had a black frame before and it just looked dark. I painted it the same bright turquoise that is on the bird and it helped it. I need to get it hung, but with the furniture not where I want it more long term I don't want to hang why picture just yet. 

We had a guy come out and give us a quote for replacing the sliding doors. He only wanted to quote us new slider doors. That isn't what we want. We want a wall of windows and a door. He made it seem like that was a bad idea and refused to come off of the slider option. He quoted us just over $8,000. We were not expecting that. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and priced out what we wanted to do. It came in under $1,000. Which is what we were expecting.

We like the light that the sliders give us, but they are big and heavy and the kids can barely open them, well, I can barely open them either. We also can't get screens to fit them. If we could get screens all it would take is someone forgetting they are there and walking right through them. So, since we don't want to lose the light that comes in and want screens, we want to put in windows and a simple normal door. I would love to get it all done before summer so that working with it wont be too hot.  We'll have to see how time works on that though. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Goodbye Tree

A little over a year ago we had our big beautiful tree fall in the yard. It was sad, but more terrifying when it happened. 

It cracked the driveway where it landed. Thankfully, the kids and I were out dealing with some other really stressful stuff and AJ was at work. It didn't even hit the house, but I hate thinking of the damage it could have done to the house, the car, or us. It took friends and us about 4 hours with 6 guys on chainsaws to cut just the limb that fell down up. 

A few weeks later we had a tree company come out and remove the rest of the tree. As they were taking it down I was feeling really guilty that the rest of the tree looked really healthy, then they got the base of the tree. About a third of the base was missing inside the tree. The rest of it was really mushy. I don't thing trees bases are supposed to be missing and mushy. That made me realize that in a decent Florida storm this thing could come over and if the beast of that trunk fell I don't want to know what could have happened. 

Well, it is a little over a year and a quarter later. Last year AJ said I could have it ground out if he didn't get it out by January 1st. He didn't, but he kept talking me into letting him keep playing with it and fire. This past December he said if it wasn't out by January 1st I could take it out. I put it off until we made our project list and it was on there. 

This week I called a company and I thought they were just going to come give me an estimate it. The guy showed up (right on time), and said he could do it right then. I called AJ to check the price. He said go for it. 15 minutes later the tree stump was gone. 

The kids were enthralled watching the guy cut it out. It was a remote controlled grinder and it was just cool. When it actually started grinding it spit up a lot of dust and dirt and Sadie and I went inside to watch without getting stuff in our faces. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Down Days

The cousins left Sunday. After the excitement of last week we had a down day. 

1. We went to a nursery to look at trees to get ideas in replacing the big tree that fell. We also wanted help on identifying the ones growing on the sides of the house to possibly transplant to the front yard. 

2. Sadie likes being wrapped in a towel, even if she hasn't been in the shower. 

Calm Morning Before Chaos

1. Morning D snuggles and tickles are the best. 

2. We went to a church garage sale. Sadie found a toy shopping cart. We made her push the rest of our stuff out. 

3. After a massive antic issue last night to try to find clothes and a frantic run to Target where I didn't find anything, I dug through my closet. I found a few of the only "adult" clothes I have left. Thankfully, they worked for the funeral. 

4. Sadie found Big Humma's glasses from her 85th birthday party. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

School days

While the cousins have been here we have been trying to stick to our school schedule. It hasn't been the easiest to stick to it. Normally, we do school when Sadie is down for her nap. This week we have been trying to do D's when Savannah is doing hers. 

I am really proud of what he has been accomplishing this week. I remade a worksheet that has a lot of different practice skills on it. I had found the basis for it and really liked it accept it used all these fonts that were really hard to read. There were several that were cursive or swirly or fanscifal. He had a hard time reading them or more accurately identifying what they were. So, I remade them and it has been easier. He still hates handwriting, but he is a perfectionist and doesn't want to do it at all until he can do it perfectly. I think this is one reason he prefers capital letters for most letters. 

Savannah also joined in on us. She was doing her handwriting while he was working on his Ss. 

Then let Savannah do D's math with him. We are working on money; identifying, sorting, and counting coins. He had to also work on his graphing skills, so I found a perfect sheet that made them graph the coins they pulled out of a jar. 

They also went to a homeschool art class that the art museum offers once a month. I am not sure how much he really gets out of the class, but he seems to enjoy it. This is the third one he has gone to so far.  The made books and used ink to make the covers. He also is using his to make ladders. He decided he could use some of the pages to do his letter blend ladders on. I was proud he made the connection. 


Sadie had her jumpballs class today. She is currently in Waddlers and she loves it. She is coming along really well on her skills, she isn't as dating as Drew was this age, but she is almost as skilled. When she was on the monkey bars she hotties she was doing better than kids in the next age up.  They also got to play on the zip line this week. 

Sadie mastered climbing the side bolster to the uneven bars. This is a skill a lot of kids haven't learned by the 4 year old class. She saw D do it a few weeks ago and I she wanted to know how to do it. I helped her a few times. Now she wants to do it on the high bars. 

After Sadie's class was free play. Drew, Savannah, and Elizabeth joined us on the floor. Drew had a good time playing with his cousins. He is such a monkey. He is now big enough he can jump up and grab the high bar and hang. 

I got some really good videos, but I don't think I can post them easily. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Swing Swing Swing on a February Day

1. The weather has been great. This translates to the kids playing outside, a lot. 

2. The kids have done really well together for the most part. They pulled down Drew's LEGO Bible stories books and wanted me to read them. I am thankful I can read upside down, it isn't a skill I use often, but handy when little people all want to see the pictures. 

3. I am working on trying to find ways to keep Sadie occupied during school. This is going to be a continuously evolving thing. 

Her fine motor skills shocked me this morning. She saw me put one cheerio on the pipe cleaner and then purgers on no problem. She did her first one without me holding it, but she handed it back to me. I am sure this isn't an advanced thing, but it shocked me. 

4. We went to a park today as a change of scenery. Sadie found her super happy place, a swing and her tap shoes. 

5. We also went to the library for a kid's cooking class. Drew made a tortilla pizza. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Story Time

1. Today was pretty calm. We did go to story time at one of the local libraries. The theme this week was kites. Drew enjoyed having his cousins there. Sadie enjoyed having a bunch of people around and dancing to the songs. 

2. The summer camp Drew went to last year sent out their camp registration is open email. This caused panic about trying to figure out VBS so that I can plan camp sessions. Apparently, that means The Great Panic Hunt for VBS 2017 has already started. Last year it didn't start until March. Thankfully, two of the three he loves have already announced their dates even though registration won't open for a while. 

I am thankful that I made a spreadsheet to keep track of everything last year, it gives me a good starting point. The ugh part is that so many VBS were on the same week last year that I don't have all the options listed that I had from 2015. Sadly, pregnancy brain didn't realize that keeping track of the VBS was a good idea. I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal to remember. I was wrong. 

The next step after the Panic is to start putting registration open dates on the calendar and then actual VBS dates. All the adding to the calendar makes Courtney nuts. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tap Tap Tap

1. Sadie got tap shoes for Christmas from PaiPaint. She loves them. She wore them to church and wants everyone else to love them. She keeps trying to fit them on my foot. 

2. Drew's cousins are here, which is how he always refers to them. I thought my floors were dirty normally. The amount of dirt on the floor by 9:00 would probably make a decent mole hill. 

3. Entertaining Sadie at jumpballs is always amusing. 

4. Drew had a ribbon ceremony at jumpballs. He has mastered his regrips. 

5. I finished a book I started last Fall. It was City of Liars. It was really a good read. Now, I am going to try to finish a book I started last January. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Today was our yearly adventure to Gainesville for the medieval faire. I have been going for almost 16 years. AJ and I have been going together for 10 years and it is fun to now take the kids and see them enjoy it. Our TerraNova crowd was all there. Which always makes things super fun. 

1. There is always a crowd, thankfully, Jenn's mom has gotten us tickets so we didn't have to wait in line to buy them. 

2. It was off and on cold today. We started in sweatshirts and then would take them off and then put them back on. It got really cold when we were leaving. 

3. This is the first year that Drew has taken a real interest in anything. He got to do some leather work in the kid's activity tent. He made a whirly gig. He is now an expert in leather working and is ready to help Poppa. 

4. Sadie couldn't help herself when Luke and Drew were pounding on the leather. She has one of the example pieces and she would touch the punch to the leather, put the punch down, and then hit the leather with the hammer. She quickly realized that wasn't the right thing. So, she laid the punch on its side on the leather and then hit the punch with it. Once she did it in a manner that looked like everyone was doing she claimed down and was done. 

5. Drew has been obsessed with peregrine falcons since he was obsessed with Fireman Sam. They have a birds of prey show. Sadie is fascinated by any critter (real or stuffed), so she and Deew were excited to see the birds. 

6. One of the booths was a giant make your own snow cone, the make your own part was amusing. You had to turn a giant hamster wheel to crush the ice, pull levers to move he cup, drop a hammer to compact the ice into the cup, and then pull another lever to add the syrup. AJ and Chad wanted to do it, but Drew wound up being the hamster. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Is Important?

AJ's grandpa died yesterday. While he wasn't my grandpa I am still having a hard time with it. I am just kind of at a lost. At this point AJ's family seems to be doing well with it. 

Ashley and her family are coming down this weekend. They are staying with us, which makes since since her parent's house is full right now. There is a lot to get cleaned and dealt with here to double plus one in our house. I am thankful we have the space, but with all the projects going on it is taking some cleaning and reorganization to get things ready. 

My biggest problem at the moment is I am stuck. I keep trying to get started and then a kiddo needs something. I can't make myself not snuggle them. Drew will climb in my lap and I get the few minutes of that that I can. Sadie will "ups" me and either want to nurse or sit on me or next to me. I can't turn down those fuzzy head moments. Neither of them are snuggly kids, so I take what I can get.  His fluffy head and her fuzzy one are so...

I know that honestly no one will remember what the house looks like  I'm 5 years, but I know I will miss fluffy and fuzzy hair. These things shouldn't have such an appeal, but I have found nothing more... than fuzzy hair under my chin, there is no other feeling like it. The smell of her little head and that peach fuzz, I will never forget that feel. She is probably be my last and my last fuzzy head snuggles until I have grandkids and they might not be fuzz heads. 

His little fluffy head is something I love. I frequently tell him I am going to fluff his fluff. There is a little boy smell when he tucks his head under my chin to snuggle. It is the combination of dirt and sweat and little boy smell that never goes away no matter how recently he had a shower. 

These are the moments that make me feel alive and right now I need that. There are moments that I will never get back. I want to know I enjoyed them as much as I can. Funny how it takes a death to make me realize even more that I want to  make memories with my family and have those to always look back on. 

Faking Snow

1. The only way we get snow in Orlando is to make our own. We had to thaw out chest freezer. We lost a good chunk of stuff in it due to Hurricane Matthew and we have just haven't dealt with it because it hasn't been a priority and our trash goes out on Thursdays which means we have to do it Wednesday nights and that isn't normally an option. With the thaw AJ and Drew made ice balls. 

2. Sadie is a ham. 

3. Drew has a really hard time with his writing because he is a perfectionist and it stresses him out, but he really tries.