Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Easter 2015

I really wanted to start some fun Easter traditions this year, but they fell through. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, and I threw my back out this week on top of things, so we just kind of went with the flow. I was determined to at least dye eggs and make an Easter basket. 

D and I had a fun dying eggs while AJ worked on a house project. We talked about colors and eggs having a permeable shell and that is why if we leave the eggs in the dye longer they get darker. I tried to show him that drawing on the eggs in crayon will keep the dye from sticking, but he didn't care about that at all. He was way more interested in dunking the eggs and watching them. We did do a couple of double colors, namely an orange and blue one for AJ.

On Sunday we went to AJ's grandparents house, also known as Big Humma and Big Humpa's house. We had Easter lunch there. Drew got a very small Easter basket that had bubbles in it. So, we spent a good chunk of time watching him play with his bubbles outside.

There was also a lot of rolling down the small hill between the houses. This boy is constant motion and I am always surprised when I do get good pictures even using the sports mode on my camera. I have tried to use the manual settings to capture him, but I can't fine tune them enough to get as good as the sports mode.