Thursday, January 1, 2015

Getting Ready for 2015

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2015 is already starting out on an odd note for me. I have been getting certain things ready for the new year for the last couple of weeks, but in other areas my wheels are still spinning. I know the direction I want to head in this year, but I don't have a road map yet, I think that is one reason this picture really stood out to me. 

It feels weird to me to not have a set list to look at, but instead a swirling mass of ideas. The bad part to me is that when I try to categorize those ideas they come out sounding like general resolutions - get more organized, get healthier, get... and that is hard for me to deal with. The good of it is that most of what I am wanting to do is a continuation of what I was working towards last year so I know what it kind of looks like.

  1. Homeschooling - Pick back up on homeschooling with Drew. I have spent the last week pulling curriculum, projects, and supply list. I am really excited to dive back into everything with him. He seems like he is ready for it, and is really excited about everything, too.
  2. Decluttering and Purging -  We spent a good chunk of last year clearing out stuff last year. We made huge progress, but the house still isn't the way I want it and it still has some stuff left to get rid of. 
  3. Organization - A continuation of #2. Once everything is cleaned out setting up a method that works for me to keep it clean and organized.
  4. Budget - This is something we go round and round with all the time with, nothing major normally, but there are some big projects we have coming up this year and really need the budget under control.
  5. Projects - Everything from painting to flooring are in the game plan this year.
  6. Cooking - I really want to get back into cooking more often. 
  7. Life - In some ways I feel like life forgot to happen last year. This year I really want to be more focused on the people in my life and what is going on. I have everything ready to start doing a basic version of Project Life.
    1. Traveling - This year was fun that we got to go some places we had never been before, and I want to repeat that again.
    2. Camping - I want to go camping more with our camping group.
    3. Friends and Family - I want to see the people who mean so much to me more.
    4. New Experiences - I just want to experience life.
  8. Faith - I want to dig deeper and grow. 

While I didn't pick a focus/ inspiration word for the year, I did pick a theme: 

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