Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Doctor Who Birthday Party

For my birthday this year we celebrated Doctor Who style. It also happened to be the 50th anniversary. It was a full out party with costumes encouraged.

I sent out Doctor Who inspired invitations. They were inspired by the invitations The Doctor sent The Ponds and River Song. The insides looked like the one below, except with our home coordinates and the date of the episode. The other side had the real party information. I also made the stamps, using important things from the shows and adding the "postmarks" for the related dates in time.

We decorated the door to look like the TARDIS. This works really well for our house because it is bigger on the inside, or if you are a Clara fan, smaller on the outside.

Our front mantle was decorated as a memory shelf of things we thought The Doctor would want to remember. There were pictures of Craig,Sophie and Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All. There was a badge from Martha, his name tag from working in the store, and a note from Clara telling him what the wifi password was. There was also a complete work from Shakespeare and a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone (good ol' J.K.). The last book was from Agatha Christie.

The other mantle had River Song's blue journal, Van Gogh's Sunflowers (for Amy), River Song's invitation to the party, and the Afterward by Amelia Williams.

River Song did stop by and leave a message for The Doctor, but we aren't sure where in her timeline it occured.

BAD WOLF also suddenly appeared on our back door. It created itself and spread itself through time and space.

We had lots of fun food for everyone. Some of it was there to keep us from screaming at the tv during the episode.

To watch the episode you had to try and observe "Silence in the Library." Needless to say, with all the squealing and screaming during the episode, we didn't exactly accomplish the silence.

We did have some cute Doctor pillows if you needed an extra cuddle during the episode. Since we didn't know how much torment Moffat would put us through, this seemed like a good idea.

After the episode we took pictures of the costumes that showed up:

Chloe couldn't get into the Doctor Who spirit, but that was ok, she celebrated Harry Potter style.

Paul and Ashley came as Rory and Amy Pond.

Jenn was our 9th Doctor.

Courtney and Eric were our other Amy and Rory Pond.

AJ and I were Rose and 10.

I love this picture of AJ.

 This was one of the best birthday parties I have had in a really long time, actually it was the only party I have had in years. I am so glad this was the one we chose to celebrate. Though I was surrounded by almost all the introverts in my life, think everyone had a good time.

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