Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Projects: Silkscreen Room

Welcome to Day 22 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

Now that the kitchen is done I am switching gears. I am so excited about this project it isn't even funny. Since I got it done it is all I have wanted to do today. 

While I was pregnant with Drew my Momma bought me a silkscreen machine, a Yudu Personal Screen Printer specifically. Sadly, it sat in the box for several years. I wanted to use it so badly, but life just never gave me a chance to set it up. Our old house didn't really have a good space for it either, so I didn't touch it. 

Then we bought this house. It has the weirdest room in it, which of course turned into my craft room. It is a room that was expanded, but not in any way that makes sense, so it has a small closet within an open wall closet space. We had no clue what to do with this space, until it came time to make our project list for October. Suddenly, we had inspiration to turn it into a silkscreen area for me. YAY!!!

AJ installed a shelf/ workbench for me. It holds the machine really well. It is a little high for me, but overall it is perfect.

My craft room is a source of frustration that I can't get it decorated in a way that inspires me and functions well. I decided to make the first changes to that in the silkscreen room. I want it to be very functional, but at the same time fun. Underneath the work bench I added nails to hang my supplies that are hangable. 

I cannibalized some storage boxes from other things to hold supplies. Right now one is holding all my inks and emulsion, and the other is holding blank items for screening.

I wanted somewhere I could pin up ideas or pictures or something. I had seen this idea going around Pinterest to use cork trivets as thumbtack boards. OK. I have the cork trivets, so let's give this a try. I picked out some blue polka dot fabric and a red striped one for a little contrast. 

They came out cute. I glued pushpins on to the back to they could just be pushed into the wall. They are cute and a good start to decorating in there. 

The other blank wall gives me somewhere to hang up items to take pictures. I am excited about this. I don't have a good place in my craft room to do this, so this is an exciting feature.

I did get some silkscreening done today, too. I made several aprons and bags for my Momma. I think they came out good and they were so much faster this way. I still need to go back and do the back side of the bags. I am excited about that. I think I am going to love having this set up. If anyone has projects they want silkscreened, please let me know!

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