Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Projects: Weekend Recap

Welcome to Day 6 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013! 

This  is a weekend recap because I wasn't here all weekend. AJ, Drew, and Amy worked on stuff all weekend, though. They didn't take pictures, but they did cross things off our master to-do list. I am thankful they kept things moving while I was gone.

  1. Fixed the dryer vent in laundry room
  2. Fixed washer drain in laundry room
  3.  Tap laminate floor back into place
  4. Anchor Drew's bedroom furniture to the wall
  5. Fixed dishwasher plumbing
  6. Prep work for big projects this week
He got a lot of work done and I am so proud of him. I am also thankful he gave me the weekend to do something that was really important to me. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with the project list so far. I think this up coming week is going to be one of our biggest, so stay tuned!

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