Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Projects: Under Bed Storage Boxes

Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013! 

Recently, AJ made these under bed storage boxes. They weren't the most attractive things, but they sure are functional. We really needed to start storing different things under our bed, but I didn't want stuff just shoved under there. He whipped them out really fast out of supplies we already had, press board. This is the yucky scratchy wood that is really cheap at home improvement stores. It isn't pretty, but it is really durable. He did put a pretty piece of plywood on the front for me, though.
The pretty plywood front.

The ugly press board sides.

We knew I was going to paint them soon, and that it would help them out a lot. I hadn't originally intended to paint the whole box, but when I was moving them outside they cut my hand on the rough wood. That is when I figured out it probably wouldn't hurt to paint all the sides to keep fabric from snagging or other hands from scratches. 
I caulked the gap between the plywood and press board on the front. This wasn't necessary, but it made it look nicer. Since this is the side that will be facing out into our bedroom and we don't have a bed skirt, I want it to look as clean as possible.
I painted the outsides and insides of the boxes using some of the free paint that I got last year. I thought I was going to have enough to paint the bottoms of the boxes, too. Unfortunately, I ran out of paint. I did get the bottom of one box done. 

I did have enough paint to at least edge the boxes. I also had enough to do the bottom of one box. The others I put contact paper into the bottoms. It isn't a bad fix. I kinda like the way it looks. It will also stay wipeable in case something gets spilled in them.

They look really nice back under the bed. I am wondering if getting some handles to put on them would finish them off? What do you think?


Joy said...

Yes! Go with handles :)

usacomp2k3 said...

For the record, it is OSB, not plywood.