Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Projects: Replacing Shower Doors

 Welcome to Day 1 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

We aren't a sliding glass door family because I am a klutz and I about kill myself on the track every time I get in tub. This is a project that we have wanted to do for a while, but weren't in a rush to do it.  The reason we weren't in a rush is that we haven't really used the shower/tub in the master bath until recently when Drew discovered bubble baths. Now that he likes bubble baths I am finding myself climbing in and out to clean it more and pick up toys, and it isn't always ending well for my toes.

AJ pulled the sliding doors out for me. Then it was time to start scraping silicone. There was a massive amount of silicone. I thought I swore off scraping silicone after our last house, but it seems promises like that never keep. I scraped for about two hours with a glass razor blade scraper.

The silicone was everywhere. I think they went a little silicone happy when they installed the doors. The other scraping project was these horrid sticky anti-slip things in the bottom of the tub. They were old and nasty. I had tried removing them when we moved in, but I hadn't had any luck. Since I had the razor blade scraper I went at them today.

Finally, they came up! Gone was the old mushrooms, foot prints, and strips that were just icky! Yay! I also scrubbed down the whole shower and tub with comet. Once it was clean I could see where all the paint splatters and extra caulk were on the tub. I scraped all those spots off with the razor, too. I rinsed everything down and it looked like a new tub.

My final project was to put up the new shower curtain. I found it at a garage sale and fell in love with it. It is my color inspiration for the rest of the bathroom. It is very bright and cheery, in contrast to the 80's era copper sliding doors.

Later this month we plan on repainting the walls and trim. This color was a stop gap against the pink, black, and teal splatter paint on the walls when we moved in. I would love to be able to re-tile the shower at this time, but that isn't in our budget right now.  We have already replaced the lighting in the bathroom. So, we are making progress on this room.


Clohe Rae said...

I like it so much! The shower curtain is such a better representation of your family than the doors. :)

Joy said...

Wow! It look so much better but I want to see it in real life :) Also I love that black and white piece over the toilet...