Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen Prep Work

Welcome to Day 8 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

Today is at  prep day for us. We got several things started, but nothing is finished. This week is one of our biggest projects we have under taken in a while. We are planning on redoing our entire kitchen in five days. So, while there won't really be any completed pictures for the next several days, there will be a lot of in progress pictures.

AJ pulled the laminate up off the counter top because we are going to do concrete counter tops. We found a great tutorial and product info at Kara Paslay Designs

This was a much slower process than we thought it would be. Though, at the very end we got smart and used my iron to heat up the laminate glue and the laminate just peeled up. I may or may not need a new iron after this, but that seems like a worthy price to pay to get rid of purple laminate counter tops.

We also cut off the over hang on the peninsula in the kitchen. The over hang originally made this awkward height breakfast bar. We never used it as a breakfast bar because we had the eat-in table area. This means that the extra space on the counter just accumulated stuff. I am hoping that cutting it down will help keep the counter cleaner.

We are also in the process of taking down the upper cabinets. We are going to paint the pink cabinets this week, too. I got all hardware removed from the doors and drawers. We also got the drawer fronts taken off tonight, too. The fronts were glued on which was just odd and annoying. It took much longer than we thought it would.

We got the first layer of concrete poured on our coffee bar and the peninsula. I think it is going to look great when we get them all poured, sanded, and sealed. I am so excited to see how things go the rest of this week. If nothing else, we will no longer have pink cabinets and purple counter tops. Woohoo!

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