Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 8

Welcome to Day 15 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

 I got some things done today. It is just moving super slow with AJ back at work. Drew and I had a rough day, so that slowed things down even more. It was also a "hurry up and wait" kinda day.

I worked on the dry wall some more today. I kept thinking I was done and then I would find more holes that needed to be filled and sanded down. I had to patch the dry wall where we took the old back splash down, and sand that down. 

I thought I had the new fake wall all smooth until I painted. Once I got paint on the wall I can see the tape lines on the sides of the fake wall. I am going to remud it, sand it down again, and repaint tomorrow. I have a couple of other areas that need to be redone, too. It just makes it feel like today was a bit of a waste. Though, hopefully by the end of this I will know how to do a great job mudding and taping dry wall.

 It doesn't look too bad in the pictures, but in person the seam is visible. I know if I don't try to fix it now it will bug me for a long time until I break down and redo it. At least the stove top got put back in today. I need to get some new coil trays because the rest of the stove top is all shiny and clean. But, at least I can sort of cook in the midst of things again. 

I did get the paint done on the sides of the coffee bar today. I also got the hanging basket up to hold tea, cinder, and hot chocolate. I am really excited about the way this counter is coming together. I am happy to have one little area to decorate so that I can see that everything is really going to look nice when it is done. Right now, I just tend to see the mess of construction. This will end soon, right?

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Dani said...

You will have your kitchen back and it will be awesome! I know day to day it is impossible to see when it will end, but when it is all done, you will enjoy it so many more days than it took to redo it. If that makes sense. :)