Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 7

Welcome to Day 14 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

I am going to apologize for not getting this post up yesterday. I feel asleep really early last night. We ran some errands to pick up more supplies and when we got home I just crashed. Apparently, the last few days finally caught up to me. 

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted to, but I did get some done. I spent the morning at IKEA chasing Drew and picking up stuff to work with today. Unfortunately, a couple of things I picked up won't work for what I needed. So, I am going to try to take it back today when AJ gets home.

Yesterday, I got all the concrete sealed. That was a slow process because I had to wait for it to dry between coats. The sealer I used is just a regular concrete sealer. It goes on really dark, but as it dries it lightens back up.

When it is completely dry it is a little darker than the unsealed concrete. It has a light sheen to it though. I like the color variation that it has now that it is dry. It gives it some character. I don't think it translates as well in up close pictures. Hopefully on the final pictures it will translate a little better. We also only have one light installed in the kitchen at the moment so it is a bit dark.

We are still trying to figure out if we want to put a food safe wax on the counters. Right now they aren't officially food safe, but we also don't put much food on to the actual counters either. I did read about a granite cleaner, Method Daily Granite. It said that it has a coconut oil in that will create a nice "build up" that will work the same way as a wax. It feels weird being happy about a build up, but that is what we need to make it food safe and apparently that is what protects granite from things, too.

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