Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 5

Welcome to Day 12 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

 Are we done yet? No. I feel like this project is going to go on forever. We are making good progress, but today just didn't feel like it. I think this is the reason we either don't take on big projects, or we try to knock them out as fast as possible. I don't have the attention span for long projects.
Today we got the uppers all hung. That was a bit of a beast. The cabinet above the stove top was horrid to try to get back into place. We fought with it for about an hour before we resorted to "making it work". 

We also got the fake wall built behind the stove top. I am hoping this really helps make that space more functional. It will be nice to have a place to hang a spice rack and cooking items.

We got the uppers back up over the coffee bar. Stuff got put back into the cabinets, too. That really helped. It is starting to feel like we might get things done and have a kitchen back sooner rather than later.

AJ also fixed the surround around the oven and I got it painted. We should get the trim up tomorrow, at least that is my game plan. We need to do trim, molding, and baseboards around the whole kitchen. Our walls are not square and it is frustrating because the cabinets don't hang right.  So, I need to caulk the gaps and put up molding to fix them.

We did get another section of the concrete poured. It is still coming out softer than we would prefer. I am hoping that the sealer helps stiffen it up a little more. I really want the concrete to work, but if it doesn't we do have a plan B. I just don't want to resort to that. I am ready to have my kitchen back. Though, I am still jumping for joy about the kitchen not being pink and purple any more!

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