Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 2

Welcome to Day 9 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

Today was more work in the kitchen.  We got off to a slow start today. So, not nearly as much done as I wanted to get done. The projects we did work on today also took longer than anticipated.

Last night I pulled all the drawer fronts off, and today we took down all the doors. I had seen a couple blogs talk about cleaning the cabinets really well before priming. Some had said that normal kitchen cleaner would work, but others recommended TSP to degrease them. I went with the TSP route. I did get the TSP substitute that is less caustic and doesn't need a respirator.

I am glad I went with this cleaner. I knew that the cabinets need to be cleaned well, but I was still really surprised how gross they were. I keep them wiped down because of Drew getting goo all over them, but they were still covered in grease. The TSP cleaned them beautifully. It wasn't hard to do, it was just time consuming. I hadn't planned on cleaning the inside parts of the doors or drawers because I don't have to paint them, but they were so gross I went a head and cleaned them while I had them down.

The doors felt so much cleaner after I got done. It took a whole bottle to do the doors and drawer fronts. I thought the bottle would do everything, but it took more than I thought.

While I was working on cleaning AJ was starting to take down the vent hood. He got that taken apart and then we unloaded all cabinets. Which meant it was time to take cabinets down. I think that was the moment that made it real. 

Yikes! It looks weird right now. This is about where I normally freak out during a project, when the house is a mess and I can't see the end. I know everything is going to be better in the end though. We did get one layer of concrete poured on the peninsula. We are holding off on pouring it on the side under the cabinets until we get the cabinets back up. That way we aren't working around wet concrete. We have learned that humidity in Florida means concrete takes much longer to set and dry than in other places. 

Hopefully, tomorrow we will have everything painted and maybe the cabinets back up. Whatever gets done we have a full day a head of us. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Holy crud!

ashley said...

Hmm that degreaser stuff might be a really good idea for our kitchen cabinets. Thanks for that!