Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 13 - The Reveal

Welcome to Day 21 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!

Today is the day I am declaring the kitchen done. It isn't completely done, but no room in our house ever is. The light boxes still aren't up around the lights, but with rain today they just weren't going to get finished. I except that. Maybe later this month I will post pictures of them when they get installed.

I did work on making some decorations for the kitchen today. After scouring Pinterest for some great art work to hang up and not finding what I wanted I called my Momma. I had dug out one of my Grandma's old cookbooks, and it had given me a great idea. I asked my Momma to scan some of my grandma's recipes for me. She scanned some from both of my grandmas. It was cool. Then I scanned the cover of the cookbook.

I had picked up these frames at a garage sale, and AJ built me these box frames a while ago. I stained them to match the back of the coffee bar. 

I realized how much I disliked the kitchen before. I apparently didn't take any real before shots of the actual kitchen, so I have some from when we bought the house and some from Drew's party as befores. All of the kitchen had low cabinets with about 11 inches of wasted space above them. The cabinets themselves were a blush pink and the counters were a mauve-dark purple. It was very 1980's.

The kitchen from when we bought the house.

The coffee bar when we bought the house.

The kitchen at Drew's party this year.
I do have a shot of the coffee bar before we put the concrete down, but that was the only shot I took that day.

When we started on the coffee bar.

Now for the afters!

The coffee bar now. The cabinets are raised and we have added useful storage and functional space. The cabinets are a high gloss white paint, and the counter top is a concrete with seal.

The cover to my Grandma's cookbook.
The rest of the kitchen. We raised all the cabinets. Painted all of them white. We cut down the counter over the peninsula to a more reasonable size, added a backsplash, and concreted it all. At the sink we added a backsplash and concreted everything.

Recipes from my Grandma's. I love the fact they have the original stains on them from when they wrote them. It makes me feel like they are part of my kitchen.

These cups are some my Daddy used when he was little. I think the measuring cups and spoons came from my Grandma's house. I use them all the time and this seemed like a great place to display them and keep them useable.

I love the way everything came out. It feels so much bigger and more useable. I know that sounds weird since we cut off a chunk of counter space, but it is true. I love the clean look, too. I have already discovered that it is easy to keep the white cabinets clean and the concrete is holding up well to cooking on it (ie spills). We had our first dinner with friends in the kitchen tonight. It felt great to cook a real full on meal in the new space. Thanks for making this journey with us.

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ashley said...

Wow! It looks great!! I can't wait to see it in person!