Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Projects: Kitchen, Day 10

Welcome to Day 18 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013!
Today we got back to working on the kitchen. We have had some slow downs, but I am starting to really see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, this weekend we will get everything finished up and start on a couple of the other big projects. As AJ put it tonight, we have more projects than we have month left at this point. We didn't expect the kitchen to throw as many curve balls as it did.

The old lights.

AJ has been working on the lighting for days now. We are still in limbo about the lights. The former owners did some weird wiring since the kitchen used to be a porch and is now in the center of the house. Since there is no attic above the kitchen all the wires are run right in the ceiling and it is a bit of a mess.

He has gotten a few lights up and I was able to cook dinner tonight in the kitchen without table lamps. This has been an adventure and a real test of patience for everyone involved.

We did get the dish shelf put up today and started loading things back into the kitchen. This is what makes me realize we are much closer than we were. I am loving the way everything looks. I always have those moments of uncertainty until I see things getting closer to done.

I did finish the coffee bar today. I got the other hanging bar up with the shelf for cream and sugar, the utensil cups, and the paper plate holder. I have missed having paper plates for those occasional needs. We haven't really had paper plates in our house since we got married, except for parties. I am hoping that having them easily accessible for snacks will cut down on some of the dishes. 


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