Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Projects: Above the Oven Curtain

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Projects: House to Home 2013! 

The night before our Christmas party last year our oven and dishwasher died. Not good timing at all, but AJ is awesome and saved the day. He found someone selling a full appliance set and bought it that night off craigslist. We have a weird setup for our oven because it has to have an attached mircowave. I was amazed he found a set that fast and had it installed by 1 AM for my party that started at 10 AM. 

Here is what the oven/ microwave look like when we first put it in. It is much smaller than the previous one was. AJ has built out the surround around it to make spaces to hold cookie sheets and all on the open space by the side. He also made a giant cabinet area on the top. 

The problem with that is that junk gets stored up there now, because it is one of the few places in our house that Drew can't reach even with the step stool. It just isn't pretty. We plan on painting the plywood when we redo the kitchen and replacing the trim around the whole box then, too. We just don't know what color we are going to go with at the moment. So, I need some way to cover the giant hole.

In comes curtain fabric. I have no clue where I got this at, I have had it for years. It just seemed the right fit for that space. I had bought some fabric with apples on it for the kitchen, but when I held it up for a test viewing it just didn't work for me.

I sewed up a simple curtain, and hung it on cafe clips and a tension rod. Easy peasy! It probably would have gone faster if Drew hadn't played with my tension settings.

I like it, and I am hoping when we get this area painted and finished I will love it. At least for now I can't see all the stuff hidden up there. 

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