Friday, September 6, 2013

Guest Bathroom Update

From the house tour.
It seems inevitable that the moment I post the house tour, I want to change stuff. I knew that the guest bathroom was next on the "chopping" block, but I just didn't know it would happen this fast. I think it was something about seeing the rest of the house pictures that made me really want the guest bathroom to fit in more.

The bathroom had these oversize lights that just didn't work size wise in the room. We had painted it a neutral beige color and we reused the decor from our old house (well, what Drew hadn't broken). I loved the decor in the old house, but it just didn't fit in with this house. So, time to make some changes.

To start with AJ took down the "spaceship" lights. And we replaced them with new lights from IKEA. I will admit, I had almost no hand in this part because electricity scares me.

First stripes of new paint.
I thought I was going to paint the room white, but when I went to start this project fairly randomly I didn't have any white semi-gloss. I didn't want to go buy any. I dug through our paint collection, and we had almost enough of the same grey our kitchen is. OK. I like that color. 

The last corner.
I said I had almost enough. I ran out for this last corner above the toilet and the ceiling. AJ made a quick run to Home Depot and got a pint to finish it off.  We plan on making some changes to the kitchen soon and the pint will come in handy for that.

I got some new storage baskets for the cabinet and they work as bookends, too. The new fun red light from IKEA. I wanted a blue version, but that wasn't an option in this light. That is ok, I like the red one.

I found this single window curtain at a garage sale. It works great as a shower curtain because it isn't bulky like a normal shower curtain is in this door way. I also reused some of the bunting from Drew's birthday party. I am in love with bunting right now and it makes me happy.  I found some fun pictures online and framed them in really thin frames from IKEA. These frames are great! They are really affordable, and they have a plexiglass front instead of glass and I feel much better using them in areas where Drew is. I also love these new towel hangers I picked up. 

I couldn't find a picture I liked well enough to replace our "thermodynamics of a pine cone" picture. In comes fabric. I picked this up a while back and I had meant to make some pillowcases out of it and I just never got around to it. I like the fact that it has all the new colors of the bathroom in it and it gives me just a hint of something dark in the bathroom.

I love the guest bathroom now. It was probably one of the cheaper total overhauls I have done. I also think it is the first total overhaul of any room I have done. Yes, most of the stuff came from IKEA, but that is ok. All total the room came in under $80, including two lights, light bulbs, and paint. I am so excited to tackle our master bathroom now. It will pro bably be a while before I get to it though, we have a MAJOR project coming up in October.

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Joy said...

Yay! It looks so great. Can't wait to see it in real life.