Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disney Day - Polynesian Breakfast

Drew and AJ waiting for breakfast.

To start out our Saturday at Disney we went to the character breakfast at the Polynesian. AJ is the one who wanted to do this, and pushed for it. It is one of his favorite affordable meals at Disney. Everyone else was in agreement, so we took six adults, a six year old, and a toddler. What a fun meal!

Courtney and Eric

Jenn and Luke

We got seated early and were very thankful for that because we were all hungry. We were all excited to have Mickey waffles and all the breakfast items we could eat, including the best breakfast juice ever, POG juice.

Drew loved the POG juice, too. It is passion fruit, orange, and guava juice. It is so yum! The reason it is a big deal Drew is drinking it is because he isn't a big juice kid. He normally wants water or my coffee.

Luke waiting for breakfast.

After we got our food the characters started showing up. This breakfast is themed after Lilo and Stitch (plus Mickey and Pluto).  It is all about Ohana, which means family. I like this concept, because the people at this table are my family by accumulation. They are friends that have become so important to me that I consider them family. I am so thankful to have people like this in my life.

Drew, me, and Mickey

Luke, Stitch, and Jenn

Luke and Lilo

Luke and Pluto

I love Luke's faces with Pluto. It was some of the best character interaction we had. I also love Courtney's reaction to Luke playing with Pluto in the next picture. It makes me happy.

Courtney, Pluto, and Luke

Chad, Drew, Pluto, me

Drew was weird with the characters this time. He has seen them since he was 9 days old, but this time he was only interested in them if they were on the other side of the table. Mickey was the only exception. He calls Mickey "Oh No Meet", and even kissed Mickey on the nose. The other characters needed to stay on Luke's side of the table.

All in all, it was a great breakfast. I am so so so glad we did this as a group and had a yummy meal to start our day.

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