Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Celebrating Luke!

Luke is the son of one of my good friends, Jenn. I have known Jenn since before Luke was born. So, it has been fun to watch him move from babyhood, to toddlerhood, and now into First Grade! Luke turned six this year, and Jenn had told him that there wouldn't be a party. Well, Courtney and I had other plans. Courtney got a great deal on a campsite at Disney and we started planning.

When Luke found out he wasn't having a party, he did ask if he could come to Orlando to see AJ, Drew, and I. Well, Jenn knowing what we had planned agreed they could come down for a little while and visit. Well, Luke kept pushing and said maybe they could get distracted and spend the night here. We all thought that was funny, because we knew what was coming.

The story evolved into that they were coming down to visit us, and before they came to our house they were going to stop and visit Courtney at work at Disney....

When they pulled into our site, here is what they saw:

This is the sight that greeted them!

We decided to do a Minions Take Over Disney theme. Needless to say, we had to get really creative with this one. Thankfully, Courtney is awesome and took on the bulk of decorating and that side of things. I just did the camping side of stuff.

While Courtney was making all the decorations, I went to Ocala and picked up all of Jenn and Luke's camping stuff. This way, Luke knew nothing of the camping adventure, and Jenn only had to pack  normal "overnight" stuff for them  to sleep at our house. It was so much fun sneaking around to do this.

Courtney and Eric hanging Minion lanterns.

Minion lanterns.

I loved these lanterns. Courtney did a great job making them and they were a fun welcome back to our campsite every time we came "home".

Courtney made cupcakes that looked like a campfire. They were so cool, but unfortunately, they did not like the Florida heat and started to melt. They were still yummy. We wound up eating them for a pre-breakfast snack on Saturday morning.

Courtney also found this great sparkler 6 candle. It was really cool! With all the fire fanatics we had in our camping crew the sparkler candle went over really well.

Luke's Minion with birthday button from Disney. He was roasting marshmallows over the cupcake fire.

The minions even took over our tents. It was a fun little touch, and when Luke arrived he ran around checking who all was coming to his party. The bigger minions had the names of the people who were sleeping in that tent. We did have one person who wasn't set up when Luke arrived, and when Luke saw his minion name tag he did a giant happy dance. Chad is one of Luke's favorite people.

These minion hats that Courtney made were just awesome! She took an idea she found to make minion hats and added Mickey ear hats. I loved them!!!!

Drew, Eric, and AJ waiting on Jenn and Luke.

We just barely got everything set up before Jenn and Luke arrived. The boys took a moment to catch their breath while Courtney and I finished up those last little things.

Finally, Luke and Jenn got to the campsite. I think it all took him by surprised because he didn't have the reaction we expected, but he slowly warmed up to it and finally got into the party spirit.

Luke wearing his minion hat.
Drew in his minion hat.

AJ wearing his minion hat, with three eyes.

The minion hooded towel!
Luke opened his presents. He got his minion towel from us. A minion mug and the stuffed minion from Courtney and Eric. He also got a camera from my parents to take his own pictures at Disney, because Jenn always forgets her camera (or forgets she has it with her), and a Superman shirt that my mom thought was perfect for him. He loved it all!

Jenn showing off the towel.
Courtney, Eric, Drew, Luke, AJ, and Jenn
We had to take two pictures to get us all in the picture under the birthday banner. Unfortunately, Chad wasn't there when we took these pictures. He got in to the campsite really late, but he shows up in the rest of the adventures.

Eric, Drew, Molly, AJ, Luke, and Jenn


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Anonymous said...

Reading this, we're totally awesome. :D You can do the decorations for any of Luke's parties, y'all did awesome. It was a perfect weekend all around.