Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Projects: House to Home

This year for The Nester's 31 Days, we are doing 31 house projects in 31 days. This should be an interesting challenge for us because October is shaping up to be a crazy month. We are determine to this this year. I am also determined blog for all 31 days this year. 

We do have some MAJOR projects for these 31 days. We are really going to challenge ourselves to get everything done. As always, we have a list much longer than 31 projects, and we are aiming to knock out as many as possible. We even made a spreadsheet this year to track them by room (thanks Ashley for the idea)!

This post is going to be my guide post to all my other post. I will link each one as I post them back to this post, so follow along daily, or just browse them when you want to.


Melanie said...

Yes, your projects sound similar to mine! Good luck!! Will enjoy reading your posts I am sure.
Thanks for visiting me and I will be reading your posts too!

Joy said...

I love your button! Next year you might have to make mine ;)