Saturday, August 31, 2013

House Tour 2013

I realized a couple of days ago that I missed posting about being in the new house for a year. There has just been so much going on and at the same time it doesn't seem like we have been here that long. Things have really changed in a year! 

I am going to post pictures from when we did our house inspection and then what the pictures look like. I don't think I have posted the before pictures before, and I know some of you have heard us joke about it being a "cluttered" house, it was a bit more than that. Looking back at these pictures, I am really amazed how things have changed.

Living Room/ Eat-In

Eat-In Before

Currently - From almost same angle.

Eat-In Before


Living Room Before


I wish I had a same angle shot for these pictures, but at this point that isn't happening. Maybe when I do another house tour I will try to get the right angle. The flooring in the living room is one of the biggest changes we have done. Again, yes. We do have a cow in our living room. It is quirky and I love it.

 Library/ Den

Den Before

Den Currently

Den/ Library Currently

This room has been our biggest project room so far. The flooring was a beast. Thankfully, that is over. I love this room. We still need to get the book side of the room done, we have the bookcases up, but I am not thrilled with how it is set up.

Master Bedroom and Closet

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Currently

Master Closet Before

 Master Closet Currently
Master Bedroom and Closet Currently

Another room that has had a lot of work is the master bedroom. We replaced the flooring in here. We also redid the closet this Spring. We used the new Algot system from Ikea. It has made a huge difference to have that much storage in our closet.

Master Bath

Master Bath Before
Master Bath Current

This room is still on our to work on list. It is ok the way it is, but I am not happy with it. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the house. When we moved in, it had to be painted and I like the color then, but not so much now.

Dining Room

Dining Room Before
Dining Room Currently

I love our dining room. It gets used a lot in this house, and that makes me happy. It is a great place to decorate for parties and just comfortable enough for weekly dinners with friends. This was one reason we wanted to move so that we could have a space like this.

Drew's Room


Comfy chair and a low hat rack for hats, shoes, and belts.

I used the twin sheets from the comforter set as curtains and reused the stars from the old house.

I picked this cabinet up off the side of the road and painted it grey to store socks, underwear, and jammies.

Aunt Amy made this for Drew for Christmas last year.

I love Drew's room. It is so him and he enjoys it. The flooring is on the list for Drew's room. We are going to switch out the carpet for the laminate that is in the other rooms of the house. The other major project for his room is to put in a closet organizer in so that all his clothes are contained.

Guest Room




Again, the flooring still needs to be done. Though, the rugs help hide most of the carpet here. My mom loves this room, and it is the room that just fell together. I love seeing how elements from the old house work into this guest room.

Guest Bathroom


This is one of the other rooms that was a "fix it quick" rooms when we moved in. I want to repaint it and make it fit in better with the house. I have the shower curtain already, now I just need to figure out paint and accessories.

The other thing that has really changed in our house is Drew. I found this picture from our move in of him with Aunt Amy. He looks so little and young verses the big boy in the bottom picture. I am not sure where the last year has really gone.


Nikki said...

I love seeing the changes, it's incredible they were able to sell it with that much clutter! It's incredible how much changes in a year, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Do I get to do more painting?!? YAY!