Saturday, August 31, 2013

House Tour 2013

I realized a couple of days ago that I missed posting about being in the new house for a year. There has just been so much going on and at the same time it doesn't seem like we have been here that long. Things have really changed in a year! 

I am going to post pictures from when we did our house inspection and then what the pictures look like. I don't think I have posted the before pictures before, and I know some of you have heard us joke about it being a "cluttered" house, it was a bit more than that. Looking back at these pictures, I am really amazed how things have changed.

Living Room/ Eat-In

Eat-In Before

Currently - From almost same angle.

Eat-In Before


Living Room Before


I wish I had a same angle shot for these pictures, but at this point that isn't happening. Maybe when I do another house tour I will try to get the right angle. The flooring in the living room is one of the biggest changes we have done. Again, yes. We do have a cow in our living room. It is quirky and I love it.

 Library/ Den

Den Before

Den Currently

Den/ Library Currently

This room has been our biggest project room so far. The flooring was a beast. Thankfully, that is over. I love this room. We still need to get the book side of the room done, we have the bookcases up, but I am not thrilled with how it is set up.

Master Bedroom and Closet

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Currently

Master Closet Before

 Master Closet Currently
Master Bedroom and Closet Currently

Another room that has had a lot of work is the master bedroom. We replaced the flooring in here. We also redid the closet this Spring. We used the new Algot system from Ikea. It has made a huge difference to have that much storage in our closet.

Master Bath

Master Bath Before
Master Bath Current

This room is still on our to work on list. It is ok the way it is, but I am not happy with it. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the house. When we moved in, it had to be painted and I like the color then, but not so much now.

Dining Room

Dining Room Before
Dining Room Currently

I love our dining room. It gets used a lot in this house, and that makes me happy. It is a great place to decorate for parties and just comfortable enough for weekly dinners with friends. This was one reason we wanted to move so that we could have a space like this.

Drew's Room


Comfy chair and a low hat rack for hats, shoes, and belts.

I used the twin sheets from the comforter set as curtains and reused the stars from the old house.

I picked this cabinet up off the side of the road and painted it grey to store socks, underwear, and jammies.

Aunt Amy made this for Drew for Christmas last year.

I love Drew's room. It is so him and he enjoys it. The flooring is on the list for Drew's room. We are going to switch out the carpet for the laminate that is in the other rooms of the house. The other major project for his room is to put in a closet organizer in so that all his clothes are contained.

Guest Room




Again, the flooring still needs to be done. Though, the rugs help hide most of the carpet here. My mom loves this room, and it is the room that just fell together. I love seeing how elements from the old house work into this guest room.

Guest Bathroom


This is one of the other rooms that was a "fix it quick" rooms when we moved in. I want to repaint it and make it fit in better with the house. I have the shower curtain already, now I just need to figure out paint and accessories.

The other thing that has really changed in our house is Drew. I found this picture from our move in of him with Aunt Amy. He looks so little and young verses the big boy in the bottom picture. I am not sure where the last year has really gone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rough Days

Do you ever just have a day, hour, or moment when the world feels like it is falling apart? That even 20 minutes ago, you were "managing", but all of a sudden everything takes a turn for "I can't deal with this?" Yeah, me too. 

Sometimes, I can pull through those moments, hours, or days, and feel like a rockstar that I rocked them. Others, I survive and hope I don't have to deal with it again for a while. The last ones, well I give into my frustration. Those end with me just going, "I can NOT deal with this!" and walking away.

Today is one of those walk away days. I don't feel good, everything hurts, and I am tired. Drew and I were out of town for Monday and Tuesday, and being a single parent out of town is hard on me. It is hard on Drew, too. We had a lot that was supposed to be on our plate today, and Drew chose today to sleep in. I didn't, because we had lots to do today. I should have just stayed in bed until he got up.

Well, with the oversleeping, we missed what we were supposed to do. Drew is grumpy from still not getting enough sleep, and I feel behind the eight ball. While Drew was eating breakfast I was trying to get some stuff ready for a party this weekend. He was screaming at me to watch Sam on my computer, and that wasn't an option. He crashed the computer twice before I could get him to watch his show on the tv. That lasted six minutes before he came back into the craft room. He more breakfast, fine. Oh the screaming fits because of me putting it into the microwave without his help. When I came back into the craft room I figured out where the first breakfast went, all over my floor. I tried to sweep it up and he freaked out again. Cue phone call in midst of freak out. Cue Drew running away with said phone. 

That is when I lost it. Drew went to his room. I hung up the phone. I vacuumed his mess up. He came out of his room and freaked out that I had hung up the phone. He got sent back to his room, "If you are going to cry, then go cry in your room" and off he went. I took care of what the phone call was about. He came back out still grumpy. He got sent outside with his breakfast. 

Being outside helped him and me. He settled down and ate on the porch and then played with some toys. I got to take a deep breath and finish a couple of things I had to get done and get a load of laundry started. That helped me calm down.

I am thankful that we don't have many days like this, most days I can take everything in stride and see some humor in it, or push through knowing that it is all ok in the end. Others, like today, just beat me. Days like today make me thankful for fries, Sam on my phone, and people willing to give me a break. I wish I was the supermom that could always be ok with everything and take a deep breath every day and be on top of it all, but that isn't ever going to happen. It is also easy to forget how stressful days like this are for him. As a friend reminded me today, "It's really hard when the stress feeds of each other." He is having as hard a day as I am, and I need to be as patient and as grace filled as possible.

I am thankful for grace, with myself and with Drew. I am thankful that even on our rough days we still love each other, and that it is ok for me to walk away for a little bit. I am thankful that our rough days don't last.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrating Clohe!

My friend Joy has an intern this year! Her name is Clohe. She is down here from the Chicago area, and turned 21 recently. Since she is in Orlando away from her friends for this birthday, Joy threw her a party. It was a lot of fun! It was a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme.

The party was fairly small, but there was lots of laughter and lots of yummy food! Clohe's mom, sister, and niece came down for the party. It was fun to meet them and hear stories about Clohe's life.

Clohe owns a record player and we had the Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack playing all night. I forgot how neat all the pops and clicks sound on a record. It made me want to pull out our record player and go to Goodwill and pick up some records. 

I loved the decorations and party favors Joy made for the party! They were simple and very elegant. I have to admit, Tiffany blue is one of my favorite colors. 

The party goers.
Joy requested that we all wear our "little black dresses". It was so much fun playing dress up for the night!

Clohe and Joy in what we called our paparazzi shoot. It was so much fun and I think everyone had a good time. It was a very diverse set of ladies at the party, but that just kept things lively. Thanks Joy for throwing the party.

Happy Birthday Clohe!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making A Minion

After making Drew's hooded Elmo towel, I have been wanting to make another one. I had some tweaks I just had to play with. Well, we are in the midst of planning a surprise party for a friend's soon to be six year old. The theme of the party is Minions. Perfect! This time I added the hand pockets, and it went well. I also did hair on the minion, but he might get it cut. Depends on what the mom says.

I will hopefully get some action shots of this little guy in a couple of weeks when we have the party. They may happen earlier, if Drew gets a hold of it. I am in love with this one! I am so tempted to make one for myself. Would that be wrong?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Spy - Fiss at Sea World

 We have had passes to Sea World all year, but really haven't used them. We like the park, but it is slightly further from us than Universal, and we just tend to go there. With Drew's current "fiss" obsession, we decided to take him to see the fish.

The first stop was the Dolphin Nursery. To Drew, they were big "fiss". He liked watching them jump about. We thought he was done watching them, but kept pulling us back to look some more.

We then went to the Sharks exhibit. I tried to get some pictures inside, but it was dark, crowded, and hot. There was barely room to move, so getting a good picture was just out. He liked the shark feeding pools, though.  Maybe next time we go we will feed the sharks. I think he would like watching that.

Drew lead us down to the underwater show with the divers. I am amazed at how long they can hold their breath. I know there was supposed to be a story line, but we didn't stay very long. I hate to say it, but the swimmers didn't hold his attention.

We worked our way over to Happy Harbor. There are a few things there that he can ride, like the train. The wait times were a bit crazy, so we only did the carousel once and the train twice. We keep thinking that Sea World has more that he can ride on, but they have the same height requirements (though we are really close to some mini roller coasters at Universal).

I think Drew was trying to tell us that he was hungry when we were ready to leave. Poor Elmo. Other than being hot and hungry we had a good day. I am hoping that when the weather is cooler we will enjoy it more. I am looking forward to their Halloween stuff for him this year, and as he starts liking animals more and more that we can do some of the shows.