Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Visiting with Cousins

This post is a bit outdated, but I haven't had a lot of time to get things posted. Summer is such a crazy time for us and I don't see it calming down for a while, so I am trying to play catch up while it is raining outside and we are stuck inside.

A couple of months ago, Ashley, Savannah, and Caroline came down to visit. They were here for a couple of days and we went up with Sue to where AJ's grandma, Dorothy, lives. It was a fun day. The sun was shining and we took the kiddos outside to play.

Caroline getting Great Grandma snuggles.

 Great grandma getting Caroline snuggles.

Ashley was trying to get a picture of the girls and Drew sat down next to them. I think he thinks he needs to be in every picture.

I love this one of Drew and Caroline. He sat down behind her all on his own and was content to snuggle her.

Next, Savannah sat behind Drew. This picture was kind of like herding cats. No one was looking the same way at the same time. Hopefully, as they all get bigger it will get easier. Until then, this is a great first start.

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