Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visiting Stone Mountain

While we were in Atlanta we decided it was time to take Drew to Stone Mountain. This was our tourist adventure for this trip. We were excited to take him. AJ and I hadn't been in several years. It was much hotter this time than the last two times we had gone (one was late Spring and the other was in mid-February).

We got there at about 3pm with the plan to stay for the rest of the night. We wanted to watch the laser show and knew if we tried to leave we might not make it back in time to see the show or might not find a parking spot. So, we packed snacks and got dinner at one of the park restaurants. Living in Orlando, we are a little spoiled about "theme" parks and forget how different things are other places. Nothing was wrong with our trip, it was just different.

We barely made it through the front gate and Drew found the splash area. We hung out for a bit and let him get his splashes out. I had only packed one change of clothes and the bathing suit, but he hopped right in without the bathing suit. This used up our one change of clothes quickly.

AJ's face makes me laugh here. I think he was way more excited to see the train than Drew was. Though when Drew found out we were going to ride the train he got more into it.

The engine was a diesel. I was a bit grumpy about that, but only because we have been watching a lot of Thomas and Friends. The diesel engines aren't very nice on that show and it made me a little prejudice against diesel engines. This engine seemed nice though.

The train makes a giant loop around the mountain. It was a slow train, which was a bit sad. We like the Disney train because it goes at a good clip, this one poked along. I did get told to put the camera back into the train after I took this picture. The picture was cool and so worth it.

 It was hot! Well, the whole day was hot, but the train was very warm. There were only a couple of places where we got a breeze. With the train moving slowly Drew got fidgety. He kept climbing in mine, AJ's, and Amy's laps.

We did get a great view of the carvings in the mountain. It fun seeing the whole mountain without having to hike around the whole thing. Drew seemed to enjoy most of it. Though, we had planned on riding the train several times, it didn't happen with the heat and the speed of the train.

Taking a break to rehydrate.

AJ and Amy decided they wanted to climb the mountain. Drew and I weren't up for that. We took the Skylift up. Drew LOVED that! He kept calling it a "bearplane" (airplane). He even hugged the operator when we got off he loved it so much. She thought he was adorable and I think she would have kept him if she could. I think Drew would have stayed on the Skylift all day if he could have just stayed on it.

We hung out at the top of the mountain for a while. Ashley, Paul, Savannah, and Caroline were up there with us, so we got some fun pictures of the kiddos. I always for get how high up the mountain is, and how there is nothing else that high anywhere near it.
Drew and Savannah at the top of the mountain.

Savannah and Caroline

Caroline just wants to be free.

AJ and Drew contemplating the world.

Drew and AJ watching the Skylift.

It was a really fun day even if it was hot. Amy and I were joking on the way back to the hotel that we were sweating in places we didn't think could sweat. We did stay and watch the laser show and fireworks. I wanted to get pictures of it, but Drew decided to sit in my lap. About half way through the show he fell asleep. He slept through all the fireworks and the giant finale fireworks. He finally woke up when everyone was clapping at the end. He gave me a funny look that said, "What did I miss? Why are people clapping?" 

After his 20 minute nap, he was nice and awake to walk back to the car and play with glow necklaces in the car until the traffic cleared up. We knew better than to try to leave right away and had brought fun stuff to do. Drew talked about the "bearplane" all night and for the rest of the weekend.

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