Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sewing for Girls!

My nieces birthdays are both in the middle of Summer. I wanted to make something spiffy and useable for their birthday presents. I was really having a hard time coming up with something. I think that seems to be a theme lately in being a bit undecided about things. I finally found this awesome tutorial on pinterest. It was for a bathing suit cover up. I loved it, except for the white towel part. I thought it could be even better in color!

S for Savannah

C for Caroline
 I love them! They do look better to me in color. I went with the green for Savannah because she loves the color green. Though, while sewing it all I could think about was Baby Bop from Barney. I was going to do a purple for Caroline, but they didn't have any bright purple towels, so I went with hot pink. This way it coordinates with the hot pink fabric on Savannah's.

I got to play with my new Silhouette cutter to make the initials for the cover up. That was a fun learning experience and I am so thankful my mom got it for me just in time for making this. It adds something to the cover up and helps break up the bright color just a bit.

I wanted to make something else to go with the cover up, but again, indecision was taking over. There aren't many things that really go with a beach cover up. Then, I saw these bucket hats. They were perfect! I could use the accent fabric and make a cute little hat to wear with the cover up.

Caroline's hat.

Savannah's hat.
They were fairly easy once I figured out how to do it. The instructions were well written, but trying to understand them and juggle a toddler that wants to help was a bit confusing. Once I got the first one made the other one only took about two hours from start to finish. They came out so cute though! I want to make a bunch for me. Drew liked them, too. He stole Savannah's and wouldn't give it back until he went to bed that night.

I can't wait to see them on the girls. I hope they like them and get some good use out of them at the pools and splash pads this summer. It was really fun sewing stuff for girls. I don't do it that often and the projects tend to be fairly different that what I make for Drew (the colors are also very different for this house).

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These turned out SO cute, Molly!