Friday, July 12, 2013

Potty Trained

I have held off posting about this for a bit because I was scared to jinx myself. Drew is potty trained. Day time and night time potty trained. It happened about a month ago.

We were having horrible fights getting him into diapers after his birthday. Some days it was all I could do to change a diaper. Then one night the last straw happened. It was past midnight and he was finally winding down for bed, until it came time to put on the diaper. The wailing and fighting lasted for a half hour. Drew and I were both in tears by that point. I finally got him to sit in my lap and calm down to listen to me. I told him that if he didn't wet his diaper that night he didn't have to sleep in diapers any more. He calmed down and listened to that. I asked if he agreed to that and I got his "Da" answer of yes.

Well, I wish I could say that he kept that diaper dry, but he didn't. Though, the next day I put him in big boy underwear with no fighting. I was thankful that I had bought a pack "just in case". All day he would pull down his pants and climb up on the potty by himself and go potty, then climb down, flush, and wash his hands. I was dumbfounded. He literally woke up, thought he was potty trained, and was.

That night we made the same deal about the night diaper. He kept it dry that night. He hasn't been in a diaper since. It sounds dumb, but I was really sad to pack away all of our cloth diapers and put them in the attic until there is another baby. Though, look at how cute those big boy underpants are. I am loving what they have for boys. We have trains, cars, pirates, and "Melmo" aka Elmo. The other sad thing was I had just bought a new giant pack of disposables for night time. I guess those can wait too.

We have had about four night accidents, but those have been when he passed out somewhere other than bed and we couldn't get him to go potty before bed. We have only had about three day time accidents, and two were because he didn't know where the potty was at the Y and Joy's office.

I had been mentally preparing to start really working on potty training, and by me I mean I was going to make AJ do the potty training. I still might do that when Drew starts standing up to go potty, but for now everything is working great!

You now understand why I was scared to jinx myself. We have only told family and friends who have taken care of him, just to make sure we weren't jumping the gun. I think at this point we are probably safe. I really don't know where my baby boy went. I now have a big boy who can totally dress himself and go potty by himself.

Showing off his pirate underwear.

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