Friday, July 26, 2013

Melmo and Ewok


Drew has decided he likes "Melmo" or Elmo to the rest of the world. I am not sure where this obsession came from. It happened before he had ever seen Sesame Street or Elmo's World. I think I can say it started with Jenn passing us a pair of Elmo jammies from Luke. He liked that jammie shirt better than any other.

The Elmo jammie pants

Then, when Jenn and Luke came down for his birthday they brought more "outgrown" stuff. Drew was going on about "Melmo" and I happened to see one in the box. This was right after his new love affair with Ewok, so I thought he might like a second stuffed animal. He was hooked! "Melmo" and Ewok go everywhere now. It is really cute.

I love the holding "Melmo's" hand while riding the elephant.

Splash buddies!
Hopefully, come winter he will still be able to wear his "Melmo" hoodie we inherited from Beth. At the rate Drew is going he should still be able to wear it for at least one more winter. I just can't show it to him now, or he would want to wear it in the heat of summer.

An Ewok Tale:

We went to Star Wars weekend at Disney, which is a tradition now. Drew has been three times. The first when he was 11 days old. This time he thought it was fun seeing stuff. Well, while we were there I was shopping for a friend's baby shower. Stine and I pass back and forth the Star Wars onesie and Ewok shirt Drew is wearing in the above picture. Who ever has the kid that can wear it gets the clothes.Well, I saw this baby girl Ewok. I send her and picture and ask if she wants it. "YES!" Ok, so we get it and are heading out. 

AJ pulls it out of the bag and lets Drew play with it for a few minutes and then tries to put it away again. Drew is having none of that. He fights for it back and carries it out of the park like above. He doesn't put it down in the car or at all that night. He even tucked it into bed with him. He was in love. Well, that put a damper on giving Ewok as a present. Thankfully, I have awesome friends who when I said I needed another one, and it had to be bought that day (because they were only selling them at the weekend event), and I needed to get it from them by Wednesday said, "No problem." and did and met me to pass it off.  I now had  a fresh Ewok and Drew had his own Ewok. All problems averted.

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