Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Spy - Fiss at Sea World

 We have had passes to Sea World all year, but really haven't used them. We like the park, but it is slightly further from us than Universal, and we just tend to go there. With Drew's current "fiss" obsession, we decided to take him to see the fish.

The first stop was the Dolphin Nursery. To Drew, they were big "fiss". He liked watching them jump about. We thought he was done watching them, but kept pulling us back to look some more.

We then went to the Sharks exhibit. I tried to get some pictures inside, but it was dark, crowded, and hot. There was barely room to move, so getting a good picture was just out. He liked the shark feeding pools, though.  Maybe next time we go we will feed the sharks. I think he would like watching that.

Drew lead us down to the underwater show with the divers. I am amazed at how long they can hold their breath. I know there was supposed to be a story line, but we didn't stay very long. I hate to say it, but the swimmers didn't hold his attention.

We worked our way over to Happy Harbor. There are a few things there that he can ride, like the train. The wait times were a bit crazy, so we only did the carousel once and the train twice. We keep thinking that Sea World has more that he can ride on, but they have the same height requirements (though we are really close to some mini roller coasters at Universal).

I think Drew was trying to tell us that he was hungry when we were ready to leave. Poor Elmo. Other than being hot and hungry we had a good day. I am hoping that when the weather is cooler we will enjoy it more. I am looking forward to their Halloween stuff for him this year, and as he starts liking animals more and more that we can do some of the shows.

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