Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Spy - Airplanes and The Varsity

 One of the days in Atlanta we took an "easy" day. We didn't have anything planned and just kind of goofed our way through the day. AJ, Amy, and I took Drew to an airplane park. Unlike the airplane park in Orlando, this one was right on the runway under the control tower. They had a great set-up so that people can watch the planes coming and going, there was even a little watch tower. I am really not sure who had more fun watching the planes, Drew or AJ. 

Sitting in the watch tower watching a plane take off.
This airport is also home to a bi-plane. We found out that you can rent it and take a ride over Atlanta in it. That might be cool to try one day. It sounds much more interesting than a helicopter ride over Orlando.


Mimi and Drew watching planes.

After the park we headed to The Varsity. This is one of our ALWAYS stops in Atlanta. I think this makes the third time Drew has been. He really got into it this time. He wore his hat the entire time we were there. He also really liked the fries.

Drew is really getting into his fries.

Showing off his hat.

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