Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drew's Two Year Photos

For Drew's birthday this year I really wanted to do a photo shoot. I was struggling to come up with something that worked with his car theme party. Then I had a great idea. We were going to my parents' house a few weeks before his party. There is a great location up there. It is called Mr. Harvey's Collection. It is all these great old cars that have been set up and let go to rust as a collection. It was perfect!

We also stopped at the building where my grandparents had their gas station. It is currently being unused, so it looks a lot different than it did when my grandparents were alive. It was mildly sad being there, but  was also neat getting shots of Drew there. I think they would be happy about who Drew is and that I got some pictures of him at the store before anything else changes with it.

I am so in love with these pictures. I know they may never mean as much to Drew as they do to me, but I miss my grandparents a lot and I wish they could see who I have become, gotten to know AJ, and met Drew. Pictures like these are the closest thing I can get to showing him what I remember. Maybe he will appreciate them when he is bigger.

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ashley said...

I love these pictures, and I love them even more knowing the meaning behind them. That's such a good idea of doing a photo shoot with your kids to remember special places.