Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebrating Drew!

For Drew's second birthday we went with a sort of  summer car show theme. It wasn't heavily themed, but I did make a lot of decorations for it. We invited a lot of family and friends and kept things pretty easy going. Which, for a two year old party is the best way to go. We did food, places for the adults to hang out, and turned the kids wild in the backyard.

The Food
Mini Corndogs

Banana Caramel Pudding Jars

Rocky Road Pudding Jars

Popcorn Bar

Stop Lights - Strawberries, Pineapples, and Grapes

The Friends

Luke and Jenn

 Great Grandma Dorothy and Caroline

Great Grandpa Jim

Nana and Drew

Jenn and Courtney

Great Grandpa Jim and Grandpa

Mamie and Caroline

Madelyn and Meredith

Drew and Poppa
Aunt Ashley and Caroline


The Party

Drew stealing Savannah's grapes.

We had stuff outside for the kids to play with. AJ built a cornhole board and I made bean bags. The adult boys took that over and played a lot of games. We had inflatahble tubes that were car themed loose in the yard. Some of the time they were bean bag toss holes, but once the bigger boys found them they turned into fake sumo suits. It was hysterical. They were bouncing off of each other. Drew decided he was a big boy and got in on the action, too. I love how in the picture below this chaos is going on and Savannah is ignoring it.

We also had all of Drew's cars out to play with. I think all the kids climbed into the pink Cozy Coupe at some point. I even have a picture of AJ in it, so all the kids got a turn.

I loved the free for all in the backyard. With the ages ranging from 10 to not even 1, it needed to be loosey goosey. There were wooden cars to color and letters to make license plates as a slightly more structured craft, but that was a do as you want to type thing. 

I really enjoyed being able to celebrate Drew's birthday with friends and family. I am so thankful to have them. I am also thankful to my friends that helped get everything ready, Joy and Courtney!I think Drew enjoyed having all of his favorite people in one place, too.

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