Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Celebrating Caroline

We recently went to Atlanta to celebrate our niece's first birthday! Caroline is Ashley's second daughter. She is such a cutie pie. It was fun to go up to celebrate her birthday with her. The theme was "Sweet Caroline" with sweet treats.

Pretty pink roses

Sweet pink cupcakes

The drink and sweets table.

Lots of sweet candy treats.

There were a lot of small kids at the party. I got some fun pictures of them, but because I don't know the families I am not going to post pictures of kids I don't know. There were balloons lose for the kiddos to play with and I got some fun shots of Drew.

How many balloons can I get?

Look! I am flying!

It was fun watching Caroline play with her smash cake. She was a little slow to get into it, but when she finally did I think she enjoyed it. She is so cute and has some of the best grins. She is also the chunky little monkey teddy bear and has some great snuggles.

Slow getting going.

Oh, yeah. Yum!

My favorite!

Happy Birthday Caroline!

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Love the decorations!