Friday, July 26, 2013

Melmo and Ewok


Drew has decided he likes "Melmo" or Elmo to the rest of the world. I am not sure where this obsession came from. It happened before he had ever seen Sesame Street or Elmo's World. I think I can say it started with Jenn passing us a pair of Elmo jammies from Luke. He liked that jammie shirt better than any other.

The Elmo jammie pants

Then, when Jenn and Luke came down for his birthday they brought more "outgrown" stuff. Drew was going on about "Melmo" and I happened to see one in the box. This was right after his new love affair with Ewok, so I thought he might like a second stuffed animal. He was hooked! "Melmo" and Ewok go everywhere now. It is really cute.

I love the holding "Melmo's" hand while riding the elephant.

Splash buddies!
Hopefully, come winter he will still be able to wear his "Melmo" hoodie we inherited from Beth. At the rate Drew is going he should still be able to wear it for at least one more winter. I just can't show it to him now, or he would want to wear it in the heat of summer.

An Ewok Tale:

We went to Star Wars weekend at Disney, which is a tradition now. Drew has been three times. The first when he was 11 days old. This time he thought it was fun seeing stuff. Well, while we were there I was shopping for a friend's baby shower. Stine and I pass back and forth the Star Wars onesie and Ewok shirt Drew is wearing in the above picture. Who ever has the kid that can wear it gets the clothes.Well, I saw this baby girl Ewok. I send her and picture and ask if she wants it. "YES!" Ok, so we get it and are heading out. 

AJ pulls it out of the bag and lets Drew play with it for a few minutes and then tries to put it away again. Drew is having none of that. He fights for it back and carries it out of the park like above. He doesn't put it down in the car or at all that night. He even tucked it into bed with him. He was in love. Well, that put a damper on giving Ewok as a present. Thankfully, I have awesome friends who when I said I needed another one, and it had to be bought that day (because they were only selling them at the weekend event), and I needed to get it from them by Wednesday said, "No problem." and did and met me to pass it off.  I now had  a fresh Ewok and Drew had his own Ewok. All problems averted.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Melmo Towel

With the recent obsession with Elmo and the sewing projects I decided Drew needed something special, too. I wanted to make something Elmo, but wasn't sure how to do that. I stumbled upon this awesome site for an Elmo hooded towel. It is adorable. I had to make one!

It was a crazy fast project. The only part that took a while was getting the face cut out and and put on right. I had to get all the cut outs the right size. The eyes and mouth are left over t-shirt and the nose was some orange fabric. I would make one change to the towel, I would make hand pockets in the front top corners. Drew likes the hooded towels we have that have pockets that he can use to wrap the towel around him. I think I am going to add them to this one because I still have left over fabric.

Sewing for Girls!

My nieces birthdays are both in the middle of Summer. I wanted to make something spiffy and useable for their birthday presents. I was really having a hard time coming up with something. I think that seems to be a theme lately in being a bit undecided about things. I finally found this awesome tutorial on pinterest. It was for a bathing suit cover up. I loved it, except for the white towel part. I thought it could be even better in color!

S for Savannah

C for Caroline
 I love them! They do look better to me in color. I went with the green for Savannah because she loves the color green. Though, while sewing it all I could think about was Baby Bop from Barney. I was going to do a purple for Caroline, but they didn't have any bright purple towels, so I went with hot pink. This way it coordinates with the hot pink fabric on Savannah's.

I got to play with my new Silhouette cutter to make the initials for the cover up. That was a fun learning experience and I am so thankful my mom got it for me just in time for making this. It adds something to the cover up and helps break up the bright color just a bit.

I wanted to make something else to go with the cover up, but again, indecision was taking over. There aren't many things that really go with a beach cover up. Then, I saw these bucket hats. They were perfect! I could use the accent fabric and make a cute little hat to wear with the cover up.

Caroline's hat.

Savannah's hat.
They were fairly easy once I figured out how to do it. The instructions were well written, but trying to understand them and juggle a toddler that wants to help was a bit confusing. Once I got the first one made the other one only took about two hours from start to finish. They came out so cute though! I want to make a bunch for me. Drew liked them, too. He stole Savannah's and wouldn't give it back until he went to bed that night.

I can't wait to see them on the girls. I hope they like them and get some good use out of them at the pools and splash pads this summer. It was really fun sewing stuff for girls. I don't do it that often and the projects tend to be fairly different that what I make for Drew (the colors are also very different for this house).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrating AJ

July is a month of celebrations here in our house. The day we got back from Atlanta was AJ's birthday. There wasn't time to do anything special after driving all day, and he was a little bummed about that. I had planned on doing something spiffy for him this weekend, but after the sad look he gave me I changed my plans. Luckily, I had to go grocery shopping and was able to pick up a few things at the store on my way home without AJ or Drew.

I decided I was going to do a small sort of surprise party. He knew a couple of friends were coming over for  dinner. He didn't know that I was going to decorate or get him presents. That was a fun surprise. I got everything made and up with 11 minutes to spare before he got home. Woohoo!

Wal-Mart didn't have a whole lot of choices for boy party supplies. Thankfully, between the construction theme stuff they had and all of Drew's construction stuff I had enough to do a fair job decorating. I also found some cute things for the silhouette to cut out and add to everything.

Stop sign utensil holders

I used the printed table cloth, printed plates, and printed napkins from Wal-Mart. I made the stop signs to put the utensils into as a holder. We also used the mason jars from Drew's party as drinking glasses. I made bacon and bleu cheese burgers for dinner, AJ's request. I also made a gluten-free pineapple upside down cake. Oh so yummy!

Wal-Mart had crepe paper streamers that were black and yellow construction ones. I loved them and I am glad I got two rolls of it. I cut out the dump trucks on the silhouette and borrowed Drew's hard hats and dump truck.  

Present table

Birthday banner and AJ's dump truck.

Nothing was safe from getting construction decoration on it. It was a really simple theme, but I used it everywhere. I like the way the shelf and banner came out. The little dump truck is AJ's dump truck from when he was about Drew's age. That little truck has been all over the world. It is fun getting to use it in decorating for his birthday. 

I even made AJ a birthday card. He didn't get a lot in the way of presents, but I think he is ok with what he got. Joy and Jason even brought him and apple pie for the night of his birthday, but since that was already eaten I didn't put it on the present table. I think the card came out really cute.

I really enjoyed celebrating AJ's birthday and getting to deck the house out for him. It wasn't what I had planned to do, but it came out great. Drew was a big helper all day. He helped me get the house cleaned and even helped vacuum. We were not hosting a large party, but I still wanted AJ to know he was special and I got the house "party ready".


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Spy - Airplanes and The Varsity

 One of the days in Atlanta we took an "easy" day. We didn't have anything planned and just kind of goofed our way through the day. AJ, Amy, and I took Drew to an airplane park. Unlike the airplane park in Orlando, this one was right on the runway under the control tower. They had a great set-up so that people can watch the planes coming and going, there was even a little watch tower. I am really not sure who had more fun watching the planes, Drew or AJ. 

Sitting in the watch tower watching a plane take off.
This airport is also home to a bi-plane. We found out that you can rent it and take a ride over Atlanta in it. That might be cool to try one day. It sounds much more interesting than a helicopter ride over Orlando.


Mimi and Drew watching planes.

After the park we headed to The Varsity. This is one of our ALWAYS stops in Atlanta. I think this makes the third time Drew has been. He really got into it this time. He wore his hat the entire time we were there. He also really liked the fries.

Drew is really getting into his fries.

Showing off his hat.

Celebrating Caroline

We recently went to Atlanta to celebrate our niece's first birthday! Caroline is Ashley's second daughter. She is such a cutie pie. It was fun to go up to celebrate her birthday with her. The theme was "Sweet Caroline" with sweet treats.

Pretty pink roses

Sweet pink cupcakes

The drink and sweets table.

Lots of sweet candy treats.

There were a lot of small kids at the party. I got some fun pictures of them, but because I don't know the families I am not going to post pictures of kids I don't know. There were balloons lose for the kiddos to play with and I got some fun shots of Drew.

How many balloons can I get?

Look! I am flying!

It was fun watching Caroline play with her smash cake. She was a little slow to get into it, but when she finally did I think she enjoyed it. She is so cute and has some of the best grins. She is also the chunky little monkey teddy bear and has some great snuggles.

Slow getting going.

Oh, yeah. Yum!

My favorite!

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Visiting Stone Mountain

While we were in Atlanta we decided it was time to take Drew to Stone Mountain. This was our tourist adventure for this trip. We were excited to take him. AJ and I hadn't been in several years. It was much hotter this time than the last two times we had gone (one was late Spring and the other was in mid-February).

We got there at about 3pm with the plan to stay for the rest of the night. We wanted to watch the laser show and knew if we tried to leave we might not make it back in time to see the show or might not find a parking spot. So, we packed snacks and got dinner at one of the park restaurants. Living in Orlando, we are a little spoiled about "theme" parks and forget how different things are other places. Nothing was wrong with our trip, it was just different.

We barely made it through the front gate and Drew found the splash area. We hung out for a bit and let him get his splashes out. I had only packed one change of clothes and the bathing suit, but he hopped right in without the bathing suit. This used up our one change of clothes quickly.

AJ's face makes me laugh here. I think he was way more excited to see the train than Drew was. Though when Drew found out we were going to ride the train he got more into it.

The engine was a diesel. I was a bit grumpy about that, but only because we have been watching a lot of Thomas and Friends. The diesel engines aren't very nice on that show and it made me a little prejudice against diesel engines. This engine seemed nice though.

The train makes a giant loop around the mountain. It was a slow train, which was a bit sad. We like the Disney train because it goes at a good clip, this one poked along. I did get told to put the camera back into the train after I took this picture. The picture was cool and so worth it.

 It was hot! Well, the whole day was hot, but the train was very warm. There were only a couple of places where we got a breeze. With the train moving slowly Drew got fidgety. He kept climbing in mine, AJ's, and Amy's laps.

We did get a great view of the carvings in the mountain. It fun seeing the whole mountain without having to hike around the whole thing. Drew seemed to enjoy most of it. Though, we had planned on riding the train several times, it didn't happen with the heat and the speed of the train.

Taking a break to rehydrate.

AJ and Amy decided they wanted to climb the mountain. Drew and I weren't up for that. We took the Skylift up. Drew LOVED that! He kept calling it a "bearplane" (airplane). He even hugged the operator when we got off he loved it so much. She thought he was adorable and I think she would have kept him if she could. I think Drew would have stayed on the Skylift all day if he could have just stayed on it.

We hung out at the top of the mountain for a while. Ashley, Paul, Savannah, and Caroline were up there with us, so we got some fun pictures of the kiddos. I always for get how high up the mountain is, and how there is nothing else that high anywhere near it.
Drew and Savannah at the top of the mountain.

Savannah and Caroline

Caroline just wants to be free.

AJ and Drew contemplating the world.

Drew and AJ watching the Skylift.

It was a really fun day even if it was hot. Amy and I were joking on the way back to the hotel that we were sweating in places we didn't think could sweat. We did stay and watch the laser show and fireworks. I wanted to get pictures of it, but Drew decided to sit in my lap. About half way through the show he fell asleep. He slept through all the fireworks and the giant finale fireworks. He finally woke up when everyone was clapping at the end. He gave me a funny look that said, "What did I miss? Why are people clapping?" 

After his 20 minute nap, he was nice and awake to walk back to the car and play with glow necklaces in the car until the traffic cleared up. We knew better than to try to leave right away and had brought fun stuff to do. Drew talked about the "bearplane" all night and for the rest of the weekend.