Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weight Loss Caveman Style - Week 3

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Eating like a caveman has been going really well. I have only had two meals that broke the basic rules. I wanted pizza last Saturday night. I think I always crave pizza after we do a 5k. So, we got a thin crust pizza from Domino's and enjoyed it. I haven't craved it since. Then yesterday I went out to lunch for a friend's birthday. We were at a Thai restaurant and I can't eat anything there because of allergies. I wanted to have something to eat while everyone else was eating so I got fried bananas and coconut ice cream. Not the worst option, but still not really within the framework of the paleo diet.

I have been walking a lot and even starting to use the weight machines at the Y. I am really enjoying it and I am finally back to doing the c25k program. I had to start it over a couple of times already. I have a 5k the first weekend in February and I am hoping to be to the point that I can jog some of it. It will be my first one by myself because it is a ladies only 5k. I am worried about the jogging part. My knees are not liking this cold weather (for Florida), but I can at least try it.

I wish I could say that I have lost a bunch more weight at this point, but I haven't. My body is totally opposed to weight loss. Last week I lost 0.7lbs and this week I lost another 1.1lbs. I was hoping that with everything going on I could have lost a two pounds a week, but that isn't in the cards. I think I am going to give up the dairy side of things for the month of February and see if that helps anything. I also figured out I need to start taking measurements. I think some weeks that would give me a better since of accomplishment than the number on the scale would.

Weight Loss This Week : -1.8 lbs
Weight Loss Total : -8 lbs
C25k : Week 1 Day 3

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