Friday, January 4, 2013

House Project Update : Bedroom Flooring

The flooring in our house has been an issue for us. There is carpet in about half the house, and the lady who lived here before us had two very old little dogs who long ago lost their bladder control this is not a good combination. We had the carpets cleaned when we moved in and I am constantly cleaning and vacuuming them, but they are still a source of frustration.

After the carpet was pulled up. There is no sub-floor, just carpet.

I have had breathing issues since we moved in, then Drew started having more congestion issues, too. We knew at this point that we needed to do something to change out the flooring.

We looked at doing plywood painted floors and really liked the look, but without a subfloor we were going to have to rig it. Then we contacted a carpet company to see if that would be cheaper and easier. Well, that turned out to be a bad choice. The price to do the whole house was about $4,000. That was not in our budget. Next we started looking at laminate. This wasn't the look we really wanted, but then we saw some different options.

The test section in the closet.
We finally decided to go with the Ikea laminate in a very light birch color. It cost about $300 to do the whole master bedroom and closet. It shouldn't have cost that much except we had to seal the concrete, chose to put down an extra layer of vapor barrier, and put a layer of kilz paint on the walls. These extra measures were to kill the dog smell. We realized we needed these extra measures when AJ pulled up the carpet and no one could breathe in the bedroom and the carpet tack strips were black from urine. We know none of the other rooms are as bad as the master, but we are going to do the extra measures in all the other rooms. It has made a huge difference.

Drew helping.
We love the way the bedroom looks now. It has totally changed the feel of the master bedroom and lightened it up so much.  Here is a good picture of what it looked like when we did the walk through or buying the house and then what it looks like now.

Previous owners Master Bed Room

Just the bed back and playing with furniture arrangements.

What Master Bed Room looks like now.

Next project - getting that last interior door painted.

I am so happy with the way this project came out. I am so excited to have this flooring in the whole house. It is really going to change the way things look and feel. I am already sleeping better and that is a huge improvement!

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