Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Going Primal

Cleaned out pantry.

Last year AJ and I had started making some real changes to our eating habits. The move and being house-less for a while made us look at our food choices in a new light. I don't know why that did it, but I think it had something to do with all of the eating our and junk food we were eating.

In the old house we cooked a lot at home because everything was so far away. Though with Drew being born we were slipping down he eating out path more and more. Through in a move and stress and no kitchen and you get a recipe for very poor food choices.

A few weeks before the move I had bought a year subscription Groupon to Emeals. I didn't activate it because I knew I wanted to save it for the new house. Well, when we got moved in I started cooking more and we started using the Emeals for the clean eating plan.

I will admit it was costing us more in groceries than before, but we were loving the meals enough that we weren't eating out as often. Then came the holidays and we started slipping again. Not the direction I wanted to go, but with my back an absolute mess I didn't want to deal with it. Until, I was talking to a lady in our life group.

They had gone primal and it was doing wonders for her family, one child was already gluten free, but the rest weren't. Going primal had helped her lose weight and helped her husband's inflammation problems. This was starting to sound like something worth trying. I dabbled with it a bit before the holidays, but not going full steam. I didn't know what to do really.

Well, in comes Emeals again. They started offering a paleo plan right before Christmas. AJ and I agreed we would make the switch when all of our Christmas traveling was done. It didn't make sense to start and stop repeatedly.

So, we are on it now. AJ not as strictly as I am, but he is still joining in and supporting this change. It is only day 3 of no sugar or processed foods, but I am enjoying it. The food has been great and very filling. I am really hoping this becomes a life long change for us.

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