Monday, October 8, 2012

Visiting Home

A couple of  weekends ago Drew and I went to my parents. AJ had to work, so we thought it would be a good chance to go home and see them. It was also the weekend of my best friend's little sister getting married.

AJ took Drew and I to Gainesville on Thursday night and we met my parents for dinner. Then AJ headed back to Orlando and we headed to Wakulla. Well, after a short stop at Target. I realized as we were moving suitcases that I had left Drew's bag at home and we had to stop to get diapers and clothes. We also found out that Drew needs 0-3 Circo brand shorts when wearing disposable diapers or as my mom says "paper diapers".

"Vroom Vroom!"
We had a very busy weekend. My dad hooked up a swing for Drew in a pasture. He swung for a little while, but his favorite activity was riding in the Chuck Wagon. Any time we would stop to go inside Drew would fuss and run back to the door. He loved being out in the Chuck Wagon. He even got to drive for a little while.

While out for a CW ride Drew got to see some deer. He wasn't that impressed by them. He was a little more grumpy that we slowed down so as not to scare the deer. I think he will like seeing all the wildlife up here more as he gets older. 

We went to a local beach while we were here. I was hoping Drew would get to chase some fiddler crabs, but the tide was all wrong when we went. So, there weren't any out, but there were a bunch of sand gnats. Drew played in the water for a few minutes, but wasn't really interested in it.

Nana and Drew in the water.
Drew prints.
 He did like being able to ride in the front seat in the National Forest. He was hanging out the window like a puppy. He really liked being able to look in the mirror and see me sitting behind him. I think we have a budding roller coaster rider in this house. The more wind in his face the happier he is. 

It was a really busy weekend. It was a lot of fun. I am sad that AJ missed out on it, but I am glad that we got to spend some time with my parents. Drew loves being in the woods. I am so happy about that because I want him to be comfortable there and enjoy the outdoors. I can't wait to take him back when the leaves have changed later this year.

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